Wednesday, November 24, 2010

[VIDEO + PHOTO] Kim Hyun Joong @ '08 S/S SFAA Fashion Show 071121

Lee Nong Kan re-upload an old clip of Kim Hyun Joong 
where he did a catwalk on 2007
and I was very curious ... so I dig ... dig more details ^^

'08 Spring /Summer SFAA Fashion Show 081121
('08 S/S SFAA Seoul Collection  Resurrection )
for Designer Lee Joo Young

[ I hope i write the right name ^^ ]

Credit: leenongkan2 @ YT

His catwalk so~~~ awkward ...hahaha ^^;;;;;


Credit: + SS601

606803 does not exist anymore ^^ - i think the already change their name?
DoubleHJ ??


Credit: ATTRACTION + SS601

More photo

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  1. HJ always look different -perhaps its the hair,makeup, attire and whether he is thin /thinner.

    You won't get tired watching him /gawking at him ...amazing transformation