Saturday, November 20, 2010

TheFaceShop Day ^^

I try to get my luck today .... haha.
We go to TheFaceShop Store @ Mahkota Parade, Melaka.
My goal to get 1 postcard + canvas bag.
That mean I need to purchase TFS products more than RM100 ^^

Plus, XMAS 2010 promotion – Love The Season, Love THEFACESHOP just started today ...
There’s a lots of discount & promotion set *heaven*

Actually, I don’t want to go to MP today, want to try another outlet @ AEON Melaka.
But since mayaaziz want to go there, then I just follow her ...haha :)
I want to get explanation from another beauty consultant.

So thankful go to MP today, I love this beauty consultant. Really nice + friendly
Thanks Pee Yin ^^ .... She’s willing to explain every single product we asked.
From Cleanser --- BB Cream --- Raspberry Roots --- Perfume --- Mask ---
Makeup --- Promotion Set --- Shampoo --- Body Care
She also explains about the Fan Sign Event ...keke which we really know it really well
And we just nod ...nod our head ..hehe
Owh ~~ She adds more information about the Fan Sign Event
The earliest 3000 fans with the coupon postcards, will get door gifts Mask + KHJ Poster
They just need to bring this thing only

First time in my life, spend more than 1 hour at cosmetic store or buy cosmetic product
I always buy it in 5-10 minutes ... not even more than ½ hour .... ㅋㅋㅋ
After moving around at the store, then grab the basket to put all my stuff
*Pull hair mode* No idea~~~
You know, since there’s a lot of discount; 10% ... 20% .... till 70%
I need to choose so many things to reach RM100 ..There you go, add more time ~_~
Usually, with RM100 you only can get 2-3 products ...
but this time I buy more than 5 products with total RM 104.80
네 ~~ I not plan to be 16 lucky winners ..will give this opportunity to others
hehe .. I don't want to waste my money with no guarantee
Aim to be 200 lucky winners *PRAY*

Nomu..nomu chua ~~
my fav from all of the products that I bought
Really Love 'Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Foam'

Success~~~ LOL
Postcard & Canvas Bag ^^

Now... officially become TheFaceShop user ^^

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