Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Big Bang - BTS Making of NII Fall '09 Collection

I think this blog was overdosed with Kim Hyun Joong & SS501
so to balance it, here my no.1 .... BIG BANG
I quite miss them so much ..since they too busy at Japan
Then G-Dragon solo comeback ...
but good news for VIP esp me on 3 Oct
I will post about this later ^^

but first, here the video
Behind the Scene Making of NII Fall '09 Collection

I love Tabi in this photoshoot >_<

The Heartbreaker, G-Dragon

SeungRi & Daesung
i forgot to screen cap Taeyang

More TOP

Monday, September 28, 2009

Download Link + SUB for Family Outing Episode

20-09-2009 Family Outing EP 64
Guest : Kim Hyun Joong SS501 & SeungRi Big Bang


27-09-2009 Family Outing EP 65
Guest : Kim Hyun Joong SS501 & SeungRi Big Bang

LOL ~~ Jung Min -ah ...

Suddenly i post Jung Min's photo
ekeke ... it's too funny to watch it
i keep laughing ...otoke ^^

credit : latigre @ SS501 Soompi

GIF of Leader from Family outing EP 65

For me, this episode is more funny + more HJ compare previous episode
You can see that Leader starts to get along with the family
more 4D + blunt ... as usual

credit : SS601

Ouchh ^^ confirm it's hurt + dizzy

Hyun Joong-ah, don't you think you slap your face too hard :P
just like Hwangbo did in WGM & IG before

this hulla hoop game is really funny :)
watch the supporters reactions ..ekeke

Hyun Joong still spinning although not his turn *cute*

Seem like Hyun Joong really close with Kim Joong Kook
He even sleep beside him

everyone started to pour out the water after Leader did

so competitive :P

depress cause his team lose

Hyun Joong get along with their gag ^^
again 90 degrees bow ... he always has senior phobia

HJ always has that expression when he lose the game
I love his expression ... he having a lot of fun during FO filming

1st time felt ashamed because of Hyori noona

[News] Kim Hyun Joong revealed: "1st time felt ashamed because of Hyori noona"

Credit: China ibtimes + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit.

According to reports from Korea media, Korea popular idol group SS501's Kim Hyun Joong revealed his 1st experience to night club.

In the SBS variety show 'Family Outing - Kim Hyun Joong Edition Part 2' which was broadcast on 27 Sept, Kim Hyun Joong revealed: "When in USA, I went to night club together with Hyori noona, that was my first time to night club.", "On that day, the way noona dance made me very shocked, for the first time I felt ashamed because of Hyori noona." Kim Hyun Joong's reveals made Hyori panic.

Lee Hyori expressed: "Is it? How come I can't even remember anything about this?" to avoid the topic. However, Kim Hyun Joong immediately reenact the actual scene during that time. Lee Hyori then nod her head and admitted: "Maybe during that time noona was a little excited."

Sunday, September 27, 2009

English Sub for Family Outing EP64 [ KHJ & SR ]

This blog was hiatus more than a week ^^
still in Hari Raya Mode :P

I guess now in Korea , the second part of HJ on Family Outing is airing now * sigh*
I wish to watch the show live but my connection down now T_T
Arghhh !!! Tension ....

^_^ I watched the show ..
happy + excited although there's no sub
this episode is more more exciting + funny than previous
hope someone will upload the sub as soon as possible
I think the PD cut some of the scene *sigh*
still regret cause I just watch the last 40 min T_T
blame me !!!

Finally, someone upload the English sub for Family Outing EP 64
You may need to register first before download it
thanks to RamenSoupSubs

English Sub - Family Outing EP 64 [ Kim Hyun Joong & SeungRi ]

Photo TOP in IRIS

Here some eye candy of TOP
bad + hot guy ^^

IRIS will be aired on 14 Oct 2009
9.50 PM [ Korea Time ] @ KBS2

Friday, September 18, 2009

Eye candy before this sunday ^^

Here some eye candy before you guys watching Hyun Joong in Family Outing this Sunday. He will appeared as a guest for this week together with Seungri, Maknae Big Bang. We will see a lot of 4-dimensional charm this weekend ^^
arghh !!! can't wait to watch it .

Credit as tagged on photo

Video Kim Hyun Joong - Wish it's not the end

I really love this performance
old clip ^^
credit moleq YT

Thursday, September 17, 2009

SS501 will have comeback this September??

Only left 13 days to end this month
and they will released new album this month?
so fast.. Hyun Joong just back from Japan yesterday after got his treatment due to H1N1 virus.
That means HJ will concentrate the dance practice, MV filming,practice and practice again.
So... when he will get his recuperate time???

*sigh* hope everything will be ok ^^

[News] Kim Hyun Joong returned to Korea on 16 Sept. SS501 new album to be released this month
Credit: + Baidu Tieba KHJ + (English translation)

Please repost with full credit.

Kim Hyun Joong returned to Korea on 16 Sept. SS501 new album to be released this month

According to Korea media report, Kim Hyun Joong who confirmed diagnose with new influenze, return to Korea via Kimpo Airport yesterday (16 Sept) after completed his medical treatment in Japan.

17 Sept, Kim Hyun Joong's management company DSP reveal: "After returning from Japan, Kim Hyun Joong will return home and concentrate in rest and recuperate back his health."

One higher management in DPS media company reveal: "SS501 will release their new album in this month. After discussing with Kim Hyun Joong and his member, it was decided to release the album this month. On 7 Sept, when Kim Hyun Joong was confirmed contracted with new influenza, the album release plan was pushed back, however, Kim Hyun Joong had requested to release the album as schedule after he was discharged from the hospital on 15 Sept. "

Kim Hyun Joong was under medical treatment in a hospital in Japan since 7 Sept when he particated in the "Boys over Flowers" promotional activity in Yokohama. He had high fever suddenly and was sent to E.R. to seek medical treatment and was confirmed contracted new influenza.


SS501 to release album in September
Credit Allkpop

Contrary to earlier reports, SS501 will now release their new album in September instead of October!

DSP Media said on the 17th, "Kim Hyun Joong headed straight for home from Kimpo Airport yesterday afternoon, after returning to Seoul from Japan where he had been warded for the H1N1 virus. Unlike what was reported earlier, he will be recuperating at home."

They also revealed information about SS501's new album, "SS501 will release their new album in the latter part of September instead of October. This decision was taken after discussions with Hyun Joong and the other SS501 members. We had originally planned to delay the release of the new album because of Hyun Joong's illness but he has requested to follow the original schedule upon his discharge on the 15th."

Looks like it will be just a few days of rest for Hyun Joong afterall.

More Photo + News

credit as tagged on photo

09/16 [news] Kim HyunJoong at Gimpo Airport “Recovered from H1N1”
Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

SS501 Kim HyunJoong returned back to Korea at Gimpo Airport on 16-Sep at 2.25pm. Having recovered from H1N1 influenza, he was discharged from hospital on 15-Sep and came to show himself in front of his fans on 16-Sep.

Kim HyunJoong arrived at Gimpo airport on 16-Sep at 2.25pm on flight OZ1015, he appeared with a light blue mask and black cap. Kim HyunJoong looks a little thinner and his face is pale, he talked about his current condition to the fans.

Kim HyunJoong said “Thank you to many of you who came here. I will become healthy again soon, so as not to let many of you worry, I will show it through my activities.” Kim HyunJoong has recovered from H1N1 influenza, but is still having slight fever resulted from the accompanying sore throat. During the short interview on this day, he is unable to raise his voice to talk. He seems to be haggard and still not completely recovered yet.

After a short interview on his arrival, Kim HyunJoong was escorted out of the airport by 4 managers. Even DSP Entertainment CEO Lee HoYeon came to the airport for Kim HyunJoong’s arrival. The company took extra precautions to take care of Kim HyunJoong’s safety.

Gimpo airport considered and suggested for Kim HyunJoong to use the secret passage instead of the main door out, however Kim HyunJoong said “I have to go and greet the fans who are waiting” showing strong will to use the normal passage way on his arrival. There are about 300 fans at the airport on this day, waiting for about 1 hour prior to his arrival. There are huge banners hung in the arrival hall, wishing for Kim HyunJoong’s good health. Kim HyunJoong’s parents who went over to Japan to look after him, returned first on 15-Sep after he was discharged.

SS501 which Kim HyunJoong belongs to, will be releasing their official album end of this month, all activities are put on halt for the time being so that he is able to rest.

Kim HyunJoong attended to KBS drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ promotional event in Yokohama Japan on 5~6 Sep, and developed high fever which later confirmed to be H1N1 influenza and had to be admitted to hospital to receive treatment. One member from SS501’s dance team was also diagnosed with H1N1 influenza on 10-Sep

Hyun Joong really cares about his fans ... that why i love him more
He loves his fans in his own way... doesn't want the fans worried about him
4 manager? plus DSP CEO ? He must really important + valuable for DSP ^^

I wonder when he will go to Jeju Island ~~~~

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Video Kim Hyun Joong @ Gimpo Airport 16 Sept 2009

credit: sstv + moleq YT

Please let him rest first T_T !!!!

He was wearing a mask for precautionary measures but he was requested to
take it off for interviews & he obliged :(
I know he will never let others down. can the medias & fans let Hyun Joong gets
a good rest first .
In the interview, HJ said that he had fully recovered and really sorry for making fans worry ^^
credit as tagged on photo