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[INFO] Naughty Kiss - Coming Soon on 8TV !!! 5 March 2011

Naughty Kiss
Every Saturday
6:30 - 8:00 PM
Starting 5 March 2011

8TV is one of TV channel in Malaysia ^^
very supportive about Kpop & Kdrama

[V IDEO] Kim Hyun Joong - 2011 Coupang Spring Campaign CF

[2011 쿠팡 봄 캠페인] '세상을 쿠팡하다' 편
2011 Coupang Spring Campaign CF

Credit: coupang @ YT

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

[PHOTO] Official Photo Kim Hyun Joong @ Hotsun Coal Delivery Charity Event

Finally, we can see the HQ photos :)
I miss him already!!
Hope he will appears soon ...hahaha :P

Source: ::: HYUN-JOONG.COM :::

[FAN ACC] Kim Hyun Joong @ Sushi Restaurant 19.02.2011

Reading this fan account make me tempting to go to Sushi King
LOL~~~ ^^;;;;;
Sushi King is one of sushi restaurant in Malaysia, it's very popular ^o^

Source :
Chinese Translation :米娜姨@百度金贤重吧
English Translation : Babyvfan (
Repost with full credit

Kim Hyun Joong came to Binguel? (the direct trans of the name) Sushi restaurant

My friend works at the sushi restaurant. Today, she got a 8 person reservation. When those people come, she found that one of them looks like jae joong from the way he walks (two of them were friends, they look alike) . So she wondered if Kim Hyun Joong also came? Then, another staff came over and asked “Did you see Kim Hyun Joong?” , so she looked closely, it’s Hyun Joong oppa! !!! my friend knew for the first time today that Kim Hyun Joong is this handsome!! he was smiling, keke, he also wore that black beanie, kekeke. anyway, he came with foreigners, those people looks like dancers from the crew. Hyun Joong’s English level is like a primary school student when talking to the foreigners..kekeke.

Hyun Joong is very well mannered, he gave a 20 000 won tip to the waiter for their table, and signed autograph for everyone employee in the restaurant before leaving, wowowo. . .

And, my friend also got his autograph!! so jealous!!!

Ah, oppas ate 45 sets of sushi today, kekekeke

[PHOTO] Kim Hyun Joong's Photo from KEYEAST

Thanks to Elley for sharing this precious photos ^^

[PHOTO] Kim Hyun Joong - Football Time~~~ ^^

One more photo... uploaded by Elfybarbie

김현중씨랑 공놀이 하시는 그 분. 분명히 잘 찍었는데 하도 격하게 뛰어다니셔서 나만 알아볼수있네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아버님 저희 집에 카메라 렌즈 하나 새로 뽑아드려야겠어요 ㅠㅠ

[NEWS] Kim Hyun Joong “Practised AG Theme song 5000 times” 101124

I thought we already have the translation of this news ^^;;
hehe ..Thanks to Kelemama & Xiaochu ^^

English Translation: +
Please repost with full credits

“Kim Hyun Joong is here!” “Wa, where, where is he?”

The moment he appeared will create commotion. This can be said as “Tsumani-level” popularity. In an instant, there will be a long line of people who are waiting to see him. Even Korea’s Women Football key figure Yeo MinJi also came up to him and said “I am HyunJoong oppa’s fan”, and took a picture together. It was Kim HyunJoong who walked towards his fans first, he is completely different now as compared to 5 years ago when SS501 made their debut. Kim HyunJoong used to be so shy in front of camera and spoke the least among the members. Now he can come out with over 10 poses by himself, always readily saying “Okay” to all sorts of requests from fans and flashed his friendly smile.

▶ Viewership ratings hit lowest, text message from Bae Yong Jun~

A day before the interview, he finished the (schedule) Guangzhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony and did a CF shooting, however Kim HyunJoong doesn’t look tired at all. Instead, he started, “I know that it’s only when I hurry up then it will be easier for everyone. Well, where shall we start?” “Is it that easy to be a top star” after saying this he asked “What is a top star?”
“I am just the same as any ordinary person. If people say “You are a top star” it will instead make me feel uneasy. I know that my responsibility became much more than before. I think I am afraid to hear words like “Why is he like that?” when I attend bigger events, so I clenched my teeth tight (put a strong front).”

This was the case for Guangzhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony. He received the invitation to sing for the Opening Ceremony a month ago, since that day onwards, he has been listening and singing to the theme song more than 50 times a day. He also received guidance on the Chinese pronunciation from a Chinese teacher.

“I think I listened to it more than 5000 times in all. I listened to it even when sleeping. But surprisingly I don’t feel panicky at all when I am on the official stage facing the 100,000 audience.”

When being asked on his feelings about being successful as a solo, he smilingly said “I have not reached there yet. I am gradually getting to know and finding way to enjoy work and getting rid of greed.”

In fact, 1 year after ‘Boys Over Flowers’, he came back with MBC ‘Playful Kiss’ which only received single digit viewership ratings, a disappointing result. Because the drama was chosen right after moving over to Bae YongJun’s company KeyEast, the expectations from others was higher.

“The rating for first episode was very low, and (Bae) YongJun hyung sent me a text message ‘It will rise up after it hit the bottom pit. Don’t dwell over it too much’. Since there will always be a time where the ratings will go down, I think I want to experience that soon. I learnt of ways to manage difficulties, and I guess there is always a way out somehow. In addition, there is also hope that I might receive recognition in overseas other than in Korea. I do not want to regret.”
Bae YongJun is a great senior who is like a role model when it comes to common census in manly affairs.

“After the contract ended with DSP Entertainment, there are many rumors. Actually, even though I wanted to go to YongJun hyung’s company, but it is difficult for me to approach him directly. One day, I said I am troubling over the matters of the company, YongJun hyung said that he will introduce the representative from his company to me and asked to meet up. But the representative came to the meeting with a contract. (laughs) I wanted it to turn out well.”

▶ Lee Jeok hyung, please give me a song!

Kim HyunJoong’s Star Power is not lesser than ‘Yonsama’. One passionate fan has been following him in all the shooting scenes of “Playful Kiss” and lost a total of 30kg in weight, this has been widespread among the fans. This is all because as a girl she wants to look good before him. Not long ago, singer Lee Jeok confessed in his concert, ‘I regretted that I rejected the proposal of Kim HyunJoong’s remake album. This is the most regretful thing since my debut.’ In ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Kim HyunJoong performed Lee Jeok’s “Waiting” and won lots of popularity, at that point of time Lee Jeok’s rejecting the proposal for Kim Hyun Joong’s remake album with the reason “The story behind the song is about myself thus no way”. Now, Lee Jeok even put himself down and sent out this love call, “I will let Hallyu star Kim HyunJoong to sing my song, I can even play the guitar for him. If there’s anybody who is close to Kim HyunJoong, please convey my intentions to him.” Upon hearing this incident, he voiced out his doubts “I’m not sure, is this just a lip service?”

“If he is giving me a song, of course I’m very grateful for that. I have plans to release my solo album next year, it will be great if he is really giving me a song. Lee Jeok’s ‘Rain’ is a classic piece. I haven’t met him before, I hope to meet him one day to talk about songs.”

As an actor, he wanted to meet Lee ByungHun the most. A day before the interview, he saw “I Saw The Devil” among the 1000 over DVDs that fans gave as a gift to him, and he spent the whole night looking for all of Lee ByungHun’s work pieces to watch.

“It made me think that if it’s me, how I will be able to express realistically on such a devil’s role. I past by Lee ByungHun in a restaurant once, but was too shy at that time to say hello. I heard he will be participating in this year’s Blue Dragon Film Awards, I also wish to challenge acting in movies around next year.”

▶ Independent living, all meals are through delivery~

Born and raised near Songpa-gu Olympic Park, he started his independent life this year, paying monthly room rental. During middle school and high school days, he had taken up part-time jobs like fried chicken delivery, service crew, etc, nothing he has not tried before. He is particularly filial to his parents who runs a business in Dongdaemun’s fashion retail market. One day, he felt upset seeing the wrinkles showing on his aging mother’s face, so he bought cosmetics as a gift for his mother, and after that he hid inside the restroom to cry. After broadcast of “Boys Over Flowers” ended, Kim HyunJoong pleaded to his parents “Now you can end your business and I hope you can live a comfortable life”, when being asked about his parents “Are they living comfortably now?”, he said ‘They are still running the business, I don’t have the intention to stop them anymore’ and he added ‘Because I knew how important it is for them to have something to do, but instead, I will give them allowances every month.’ Although he doesn’t live with his parents, it isn’t any major issue because of his past which is so different from the other, i.e he ran away from home to live an independent life during middle school days, started a fried chicken business with friends and had extensive experiences as an entertainer.

“I can’t disclose where I’ve moved to. People in my neighborhood didn’t recognize me too. My meals are mostly take-outs, I will put on a cap and lower my head and just passed the money over, don’t know if they think I am a suspicious person. (Laughs)”

When being asked “Won’t boring time pass faster sometimes when you use Twitter?”, he said “One of the artistes that is going against time is none other than me” pointed to himself as he made this sentence.

“In the past, I cannot understand why father doesn’t know how to use a TV remote control. But now living a life of an entertainer, at some times I had became a mechanical idiot. I don’t really play Twitter or surf the internet. I won’t play even if I feel bored. Frankly speaking, I think it is far better, economically and mentally, to download and listen to songs than to spend time decorating mini hompy.

My plan for next year is to release 2 albums, filming drama and movie, and also to have Asia Fan Meeting Tour.

“It is fine for me even if it is not a lead role. I will act something that I want to even if it’s supporting role. Directors please come look for me, what should I do if they don’t? Haha”

Original Source


김현중 "AG 주제가 5000번은 연습했어요"
2010-11-24 17:41
한류스타 김현중이 '장난스런 키스'로 가수 출신 연기자 꼬리표를 떼고 홀로서기에 성공했다.

김현중이 여자축구 선수 여민지와 인터뷰 도중 우연히 만나, 서로의 팬이라며 기념 사진을 찍었다.

김현중의 집 거실에 걸려 있는 4년전 쯤 찍은 가족사진.

2010 광저우 아시안게임 개막식 무대에 참여해 화제를 모은 김현중.

"김현중 왔대!" "꺅! 어디야 어디?"

그 가 나타나자 여기저기서 함성이 터져나왔다. 이정도면 '쓰나미급' 인기라 할만하다. 순식간에 그를 보기 위한 긴 줄이 늘어섰다. 심지어 한국 여자축구의 자존심 여민지 선수마저도 근처에 왔다가 "현중 오빠 팬"이라며 인증사진을 찍고 갔다. 살갑게 먼저 팬들에게 다가가는 김현중은 5년 전 SS501 데뷔 때와 완전히 달랐다. 카메라 앞에서 쑥스러워하고 멤버 중 말수가 적었던 김현중이었다. 이제는 수십가지 포즈를 알아서 취해보이고, 팬들의 여러 요청에도 "오케이"를 외치며 친절한 미소를 지어보였다.

▶ 시청률 바닥치니 욘사마에게 문자메시지가~

인 터뷰 전날 광저우 아시안게임 개막식 일정을 마치고, CF 촬영까지 감행한 김현중에게 지친 기색은 없었다. "제가 빨리 해야 서로 편해지는 걸 안거죠. 자, 뭐부터 할까요"라며 오히려 덤벼들었다. "톱스타가 그렇게 쉬워서 되겠냐?"라고 하자 그는 "톱스타가 뭔데요?"라고 되물었다.

"전 그냥 똑같아요. '넌 톱스타야'라고 말하면 오히려 불편해져요. 전보다 책임감이 무거워진 건 알겠어요. 큰 자리 나가서 '쟤는 왜 저러냐?'는 말 들을까 봐 더 이 악물게 되더라고요."

광저우 아시안게임 개막식 무대가 그랬다. 본식 한달 전, 개막식 주제가를 불러달라는 제안을 받고 그날부터 하루 50번 이상 주제곡을 듣고 불렀단다. 중국어 교사에게 발음 교정도 수시로 받았다.

"총 5000번 이상은 들었던 것 같아요. 자면서도 노래 틀어놓곤 해서, 막상 10만 관중이 들어찬 정식 무대에서는 이상하게 떨리지 않았어요."

홀로서기에 성공한 기분이 드냐는 말에 그는 "그 정도는 아니에요. 욕심을 버리고 일을 즐기는 법을 서서히 알아가고 있는 중이죠"라며 웃었다.

사실 '꽃보다 남자' 이후 1년만에 컴백한 MBC '장난스런 키스'는 한 자릿수대 시청률로 기대에 못미치는 성적표를 받았다. 배용준의 소속사 키이스트로 옮긴 직후 택한 작품이라서 주위의 기대는 더 컸다.

" (배)용준이 형이 첫 방송 후 시청률이 낮게 나오자 '바닥 쳤으니 오르겠지, 너무 연연하지 말라'는 문자 메시지를 보내줬어요. 언젠가 내려가야 할 때가 있을 텐데, 그 경험을 빨리 했다고 생각해요. 힘든 순간에 대처하는 법을 배웠고, 역시 사람은 죽으라는 법은 없나봐요. 또 한국이 아니면 외국에서라도 언젠가 인정받을 거라는 희망이 있었어요. 후회하긴 싫어요."

배용준과는 사나이끼리 통하는 구석이 많은 롤모델 같은 대선배다.

"DSP 엔터테인먼트와 계약이 끝난 뒤, 여러 루머가 많았죠. 사실 용준이 형 회사에 가고 싶은 마음이 있긴 했지만 형에게 솔직하게 말하기가 어려웠어요. 어느날 회사 문제 때문에 고민이 있다고 하자, 용준이 형이 자기 회사 대표를 소개시켜주겠다며 만나자고 했어요. 그런데 그 자리에 대표님이 계약서를 들고오셨더라구요.(웃음) 잘됐구나 싶었어요."

▶ 이적형, 진짜 곡 하나 주세요!

김 현중의 스타 파워는 '욘사마' 못지 않다. 한 열성팬은 이번 '장난스런 키스' 현장을 쫓아다니면서 무려 30㎏을 감량해 팬들 사이에 화제가 됐다. 그에게 여자로서 잘보이기 위해서였다. 얼마 전엔 가수 이적이 '김현중의 리메이크 앨범 제안을 거절한 것을 후회한다. 데뷔 후 가장 후회되는 일"이라며 콘서트에서 고백하기도 했다. '꽃보다 남자'에서 김현중이 이적의 '기다리다'를 연주해 폭발적인 인기를 모았는데, 그때 이적이 김현중의 리메이크 앨범 제의를 "개인적 사정이 있는 곡이라 안되겠다"며 거절했다. 이적은 이젠 "한류스타 김현중이 내 곡을 불러준다면, 기타 연주도 해줄 수 있다. 혹시 김현중과 친한 사람 있으면 내 마음을 전해달라"며 굴욕적인 러브콜까지 보냈다. 이같은 사연을 들려주자 그는 "몰랐는데 혹시 립서비스 아닐까요"라며 의구심을 드러냈다.

"만약 곡을 준다면 정말 고맙죠. 내년 솔로 앨범을 낼 계획인데 진짜로 곡을 주셨으면 좋겠어요. 이적의 '레인'은 명곡이에요. 한번도 뵌 적 없는데 곡 이야기로 언젠가 찾아뵙고 싶어요."

배우로서 만나고픈 선배는 이병헌. 인터뷰 전날 팬들이 선물한 DVD 1000여장 중 '악마를 보았다'를 보고서는 밤새 이병헌의 전 작품을 찾아 봤단다.

" 과연 나라면 저런 악역을 리얼하게 표현할 수 있을까 하는 생각이 들었어요. 예전에 식당에서 이병헌 선배와 스쳐지나간 적이 있는데, 당시 쑥스러워서 인사를 못했어요. 이번 청룡영화상 때 참석하신다 하던데, 저도 내년 즈음엔 영화에 꼭 도전해 보고 싶어요."

▶ 독립 생활, 식사는 모두 배달 음식으로~

송 파구 올림픽공원 근처서 나고 자란 그는 올해, 월세 독립생활을 시작했다. 중고등학교 때 치킨 배달, 서빙 아르바이트 등 안해본 일이 없는 그는 동대문에서 의류도매상을 하는 부모님에게 각별한 효자다. 어느날 늙어버린 어머니의 주름이 속상해서 화장품 선물을 한 뒤 몰래 화장실에서 울기도 했던 김현중은 지난 해 '꽃보다 남자' 종영 후 "이젠 장사 그만하시고 편하게 사셨으면 좋겠다"고 부탁하기도 했다. '이제 편하게 사시냐'고 부모의 안부를 묻자 "여전히 장사를 하시는데, 이젠 말릴 생각이 없어요"라고 말했다. "당신께 일이 있다는 게 얼마나 중요한지 알았기 때문인데, 대신 용돈은 매달 드려요"라고 덧붙였다. 부모와 따로 살지만 중학교 때부터 이미 가출과 독립, 친구들과의 치킨 사업, 연예 생활을 두루 경험한 남다른 과거 때문에 큰 불편은 없다.

"이사간 곳은 비밀이에요. 동네 사람들도 절 못알아봐요. 음식은 주로 배달시켜 먹는데, 모자에 고개 푹 숙이고 돈만 건네줘서 절 수상한 사람으로 생각할지 몰라요.(웃음)"

'가끔 트위터를 하며 지루한 시간을 달래지는 않냐'는 질문에는 "시간에 역주행하는 연예인 중 하나가 바로 저"라며 손가락으로 자신을 가리켰다.

" 옛날엔 아버지가 TV 리모콘 작동법을 모르면 이해가 안갔어요. 그런데 연예 생활을 하다 보니 어느 순간 제가 기계치가 되어 있더라고요. 트위터나 인터넷은 잘 안해요. 심심하지도 않아요. 미니홈피 꾸밀 시간에 솔직히 음악 다운받아 듣는 게 경제적으로나 정신적으로 훨씬 안 아까운 것 같아요."

내년 계획은 음반 두장 발표와 드라마, 영화 활동, 그리고 아시아 팬미팅 투어다.

"주인공이 아니어도 좋아요. 서브라도 하고 싶은 연기를 할 거예요. 감독님들이 절 많이 찾아주셔야 하는데, 안 그러면 어떡하죠? 하하."

이인경 기자

[NEWS] 'Spring Bachelor' Kim HyunJoong poster photo shooting scene, Sculpture beauty boy terminator 110208

Chinese Trans :xiaoyudian @
Eng Trans :
Please repost with full credit

Singer cum actor Kim Hyun Joong, while waiting for 2011 spring started his busy schedule.

After MBC drama 'Playful Kiss' filming ended, Kim HyunJoong has been in a resting state. Toward Kim HyunJoong's schedule of not leaving home at all, fans could only waiting anxiously. In order to relieve the thirst of fans' longing, Kim Hyun Joong appeared like a 'Spring Bachelor' image in front of everybody. After looking at Hyun Joong's spring like smile which is warm and kind, it seems like spring is coming. Sports Korea made an exclusive report on Kim Hyun Joong fashion photo shoot scene.

# Long time no see
Wearing short sleeve shirt, Kim HyunJoong greet everybody with his friendly smile. Although haven't met for very long but still a 'Sculpture Beauty Boy Terminator'. Before photo shooting, Kim HyunJoong gave his sunshine like greeting to staff, relaxing their tension.

#Model pose
Tired and continuously yawning Kim HyunJoong, once started filming is just like a professional model, started to pose charmingly. The photographers looking at Kim HyunJoong's pose, keep exclaiming "Good! Good! Like this. A little~ more cool gaze"

#Transform into romatic dandy boy
Fairy Pitta (*A Bird with 8 colour feather) this term perfectly fit Kim HyunJoong. Retro style attire, adding bow and cap giving people association to Charlie Chaplin's style, completely transform into romantic dandy boy. When changing, Kim HyunJoong asked: "Although this is not the style I like, really have a different feel. How is it??" Really no matter what he wears look stylish!

# Monitoring
During the break, the staff gathered infront of the monitor, in order to see the result of Kim HyunJoong posters photo shoot. The editor said: "Really has nothing to edit, just simply taken also looked like poster."

# "Flower leader' HyunJoong
Beautiful like flower male Kim HyunJoong starting as flower leader. After changing more than 10 pieces of attires and now showing any restlessness. Kim HyunJoong even discussed with photographer about shooting.

# Break time
Temporary resting time, Kim HyunJoong sit at the prop desk looking at the busy staff. Interlocking his fingers, sloppily crossing his leg, showing an expressionless look while sitting there, looking cute and adorable

[Exclusive] 'Spring Bachelor' Kim Hyun Joong @ HangTen Photoshoot 110218

[VIDEO] Kim Hyun Joong @ Musical 'Tears of Heaven' by Mnet Wide News 110207

Credit: baojuan @ YT

[ENG TRANS] Kim Hyun Joong - Magazine Scan - i-Weekly No.693 10 Feb 2011 Issue

Source:Kelemama @
English translation:
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Matching Lover?

Kim HyunJoong

Relationship status: Single. In a status which will not inform you even in a relationship or married

Previous lovers: Secondary school first lover, unknown Korean artist

Who is suitable: She who is from Mars

Known by Korean media as a boy who out of the norm and own a mind of mars.

Converse and behave in a leaping way, having a unique type of logic, he has his own little planet, you must adjust your frequency yourself.

Don't like to be bounded by anything, even when sleeping also don't like to wear clothes; love to mix with his buddies, might accidentally neglect you; believe in love in first sight, once fall in love in the other party because of one greeting.

Love easy going, girl who has cool character, don't know how to get along with person who are too prudent.

When having a relationship with him, due to his idol status, he will not announce to the entire world, but he will bring you to fish, eat sashimi, watch movie, and drive around.

Too dull relationship will make him bored, be an alien together with him, once in a while fake broke off with him then go back to him again, alternative method will maintain the freshness of the relationship.

[PHOTO] Kim Hyun Joong - Sponsored Clothes - Z Zegna

One more photo from Z Zegna Label ^^
PR of Z Zegna tweet this photo

[PHOTO] New Promotional Photo - THEFACESHOP - February Promotion

Kim Hyun Joong is #2 for 2011 The Most handsome South Korea male artist choosen by Netizen

Reposted: KHJ Baidu
English translation:

Recently a Korean website did a survey on ’2011 The most handsome South Korea male artist’ chosen by the netizen. Korea’s hottest drama ‘Secret Garden’ main male actor Hyunbin captures many female fans, and won the 1st position. Kim Hyun Joong who is popular in Asia took the 2nd position with his popularity, which shows the strength of a popular idol. ‘Hallyu star’ Song Seung Heon who star in TV drama ‘My Princess’ with only general viewing, whose charm did not lose by the other 2, took the 3rd position.

Top 25 most handsome South Korea male artist chosen by Netizen 2011:

1. Hyunbin

2. Kim Hyun Joong

3. Song Seung Heon

4. Kim Jae Joong

5. Jung il-woo

6. Yoo Ah-In

7. Park Yoo Chun

8. Lee Seung Gi

9. Lee Min Ho

10. Jang Geun Suk

11. Kim Bum

12. Song Joongki

13. Nickhun

14. Jung Yonghwa

15. Lee Hongki

16. Rain

17. Taecyeon

18. Bae Yong Jun

19. Kwon Sang-woo

20. So Ji-sub

21. Won Bin

22. Yoo Seung Ho

23. No Min Woo

24. Lee Junki

25. Choung Kyung Ho

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

[ENG TRANS] Kim Hyun Joong - Magazine Scan - KBOOM Feb 2011 Vol.66

Japanese-English Translation: Miyo @

Special Interview – Kim Hyun Joong
Looking from his outlook, he looks like an “urban style man” who is at a fancy café terrace drinking espresso and at the same time managing his schedule on his smart phone. But in actual fact, he is far from the image that we had imagined to be, he doesn’t enjoy using not just the smart phone but as well as the internet too. He is the “Analog man” who you meet once in a while at the soccer field asking “How are you doing?” more than sending mails via the mobile.
His “cool” talk about Korean drama 「Playful Kiss」

- From TV version to YouTube version, it’s quite a long time spent for one drama.
When one of the works such as albums and dramas etc has finished, I would think that another one more of my works has increased which in future I could show to my children and boast about it. This drama 「Playful Kiss」 is one of such works.

- For the filming of the YouTube version, was there any special experience that you had…
Comparing to the broadcast on TV, there isn’t really much restriction to the “exposure of brand names”. During the broadcast on TV, as there are restrictions in regards to the exposure of brand names, there were many times we almost laughed out as we were trying to hide the brand names. Needless to say we have to also take note of the restriction in the midst of the dialogues and scenes…. So for the YouTube special version, we are free from all these restrictions and as we were able to act freely, which is very good as more possibilities are widened.

- This piece of work is your first drama as the leading actor alone, do you feel attached, regrets about it?
For this work, I can feel how much responsibility there is alone as the leading actor.

- Unfortunately the viewership did not increase, in regards to this what do you think about it?
Frankly speaking, I wasn’t worried about it. If I were to worry about the viewer ratings, surely from the beginning I would have choose a blockbuster drama. I have no regrets at all as I acted the character that I wanted to act as and I have work hard for it.

- how was the reactions around?
The people around are more worried about the ratings than I do. So on the contrary I encouraged and said, “As I have expected that it would be low, later it will go up”… (laughs)

- In the drama, with heroine Jung So Min having a sweet love story, is the style of love of Baek Seung Jo the same as Hyun Joong??
Totally different. Because I do not want to love like he did (laughs). He looks slightly unfriendly but in fact he is caring type of guy. While I’m acting as him, there are times when I could not agree with his style of love. I feel that if you like, you should express it out.

- while acting, in fact do you feel that you want to fall in love too?
In fact I haven’t really thought about it. Actually, I don’t really have the time for it…. The first thing that I could think of is “I want to sleep even for a minute more!” (laughs). This is how tight the filming schedule was. How can I be so carefree and think of “I want to be in love!” (laughs)?

- Following after 「Boys Over Flowers」, this time the story is also revolves around the school, other than the original story is adapted from manga, is there any other similarity?
Overall the lines seemed unnatural…(laughs). Yoon Ji Hoo and Baek Seung Jo’s lines and the way I talk, the words I used are a big difference. Well it can’t be helped since it’s a campus story.

- Have you thought about your next work or character?
I would like to try acting in action dramas or pure love story drama. As I have already acted as a romantic, kind character, I would like to try acting a bad character.

Analog boy, a glance at Kim Hyun Joong’s daily life

- when you are not working, what do you do?
Definitely soccer! Even during the time filming 「Playful Kiss」, no matter how little time I have to sleep, I will definitely join in to play soccer. The members are made up from junior high school and high school students to elderly people. I’m always playing with my trainer and dancers.

- Heard that you have excellent reflexes. Which position are you at?
Position doesn’t really matters in normal soccer team in the region (laughs). When I don’t have the strength, I will be at the back, it depends on the condition I am on that day and if it’s good I will attack. The position changed in according to the condition of the body at that time.

- Though there are a lot of artistes who are hooked onto smart phones and twitter, Hyun Joong didn’t join in?
I hardly play games or use the internet. Usually I will check my mails, look at my news articles, visiting my fan café and leaving message…, 30minutes would be enough. I also don’t use a smart phone as I have no interest in it.

- do you often keep in contact with TVXQ’s Jae Joong and Yoo Chun?
「Playful Kiss」 which I have acted in and Yoo Chun’s 「SungKyunKwan Scandal」 ended at the same time. Though it was decided to gather together but JYJ overseas activities had started so we could not carried out what we had promised…. I think when things have been settled, we would go have a drink together.

- It was said that you had a rival relationship with Yoo Chun. Even on the popularity polls, both of you were always fighting over the 1st and 2nd place….
Both of us have a lot in common, debuting from idol groups, started out our acting activities at around the same time. So we were being said as rivals. In such point of view, I think we are sort of rivals but in actual fact, we are really good friends.

Kim Hyun Joong’s roots, SS501

- music and acting, which do you greed for?
Which ever it is, it is hard to choose, to me both of them are important. Currently preparing the album to target it for May next year. There are a lot of things that I would like to try out next year. I would also like to have Asia Fan Meeting and World Fan Meeting.

- a lot of fans are worried about the future of SS501…
We have spent a few years being together almost everyday. We do not contact each other everyday like lovers do but we do tell about our status. As each members are in their new management company, we talk about things like each of our working life doing what kind of work.

- are you in good terms with the members?
There isn’t any reason to become bad. Recently I had been mailing Kyu Jong and Young Saeng. For this year’s Christmas, I planned to spend it with Young Saeng and a few other friends.

- when will we be able to see activities as SS501?
I will not be able to say when. It seems to look like it’s difficult to gather 5 of us to work but actually it’s simple. What is clear is that the 5 of us will gather together at any time for the fans. However I’m not making irresponsible comments for just wanting the fans to wait for us. I think that for now is the period for us to grow which is necessary for each of us. In due time, I want to hold a concert for all the fans.

- what kind of concert would it be?
It will not be a profit earning concert. For the sake of fans that have waited for us, I want to have a concert where tickets will be cheaper and all the profits will be donated. But of course, this will have to be approved by each of our management companies else it will not be possible…. I would want to do that.

- separated from the group and experienced having solo activities, surely you have realized the importance of the members?
During the time having activities as a group, the missing part of each can be filled up by other members but it is not possible when being alone. So I will have to work 5 times harder.

“Little Yong-sama” Kim Hyun Joong’s Challenge

- since when the nickname “Little Yong-sama” was attached to the front of Hyun Joong’s name. Do you feel any pressure about it?
Whether or not, I must accept this challenge. Because Bae Yong Joon sunbae, I have became a little famous, I’m very thankful.

- you have participated in the event at Tokyo Dome on 14th December right.
As this event was held with a wonderful purpose, a lot of preparations were done. Especially on singing and also the stage performance….

- Among the overseas fans, is there any particular fans that left an impression?
I received letters written in Korean from a lot of overseas fans and a lot of them wrote very interesting things…(laughs). There is this particular Japanese fan. In the letter she wrote, “I love Hyun Joong more than my hubby.” Feeling a little troubled over it… (laughs)

- have you mentioned that you wanted to get married early…?
I thought of getting married when I’m 30yrs old but when I really think about it and realized that this plan is out of the way…. Being a star, is to enjoy having the spotlight on own self but I still feel the pressure…. So be it either in love or married, I probably will not let anyone know about it…



[PHOTO] Kim Hyun Joong - More photo from HangTen

Credit: KHJ Baidu

[ENG TRANS] Kim Hyun Joong - Magazine Scan - B=PASS 2011.3

Japanese to English translation by

Q1: What kind of album you have in mind? ( to be released in summer?)
A : Now in the process of selecting songs from the candidates. I have not yet decided the contents. I received roughly 300 candidate songs. I will select 5~6 songs till the end of December.
Q2: Any tips for Japanese fans who are anxiously awaiting your album ?
A : Well, the dance numbers are focused. I would like to write some lyrics by myself, though I still wonder I can compose a song or not. I will include a Japanese version as well. The album will have a variety, a China version, Taiwan version, to be addressed to the Asia. As I will upgrade performance as well as vocal, I would like to promote showcase activities. I will do my best so that I will be able to have a promotional showcase in Japan.
Q3 : You previously talked that you were composing songs by playing a guitar, or piano in your private studio at home. How about your recent music activities?
A : As I am too much occupied that I cannot have such a private time. In order to prepare for my solo album, I would like to have a dance lesson first. For that purpose, a famous dancer is coming from NY , who choreographed for Usher Raymond IV(R&B singer), Justine Timberlake, and Ne-Yo. I will take a private dance lesson from him.
Q4: Wow, we can expect a genuine dance performance !
A : Yes, please look forward to seeing it. Therefore, I would like to challenge to guitar, or composing songs after I upgrade my dance performance to the level I feel satisfied.

Q5: Recently, Kpop is getting more and more popular. How do you feel about it?
A: I am very happy that many Korean activists are active in Japan, getting high reputation now. Though the center of the popular artists are now boys group as well as girls groups, I would like to make my best efforts by myself so that I can prove that Korean solo artists are fantastic.
Q6: Wow, it increases our expection !What kind of music, do you aim?
A: The music I would like to aim is “ performance music “ . With fusion of music, dance, and a beautiful video art, I would like to show audiovisual performance which stimulates sense of vision and hearing.
Q7: What kind of film or audiovisual, do you like the best?
A: First of all, I like SF. Among recent films, I like “Transformer” and “Avatar” .
I am interested in that kind of vision.
Q8: Do you think of creating something, reflecting such SF-like audiovisual into your MV?
A: Yes, that is right ! My MV will be something new and very unique one, being inspired by those creations. I have something in my mind now. When you have my next album in your hand, you will understand, “ This is what Hyun Joong wanted to realize !”
Q9: From now on, you are going to expand your activities to Japan, China, Taiwan and so on, to the global world. What you would like to achieve in Asia?
A: I would like to have a big charity event with all the fans from Asia at one spot.


[PHOTO] HangTen will giveaway Kim Hyun Joong's poster starting from 16 February 2011

행텐(hangten) 매장에 들러보세요. 16일 수요일부터 행텐 매장에서 구매고객께 김현중씨 브로마이드를 선착순 증정합니다!!

English Translation: Xiochu @
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