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[VIDEO] Mischievous Kiss - Kim Hyun Joong Special PART 1

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Q&A from The First Love Story with Kim Hyun Joong

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Q1. 자신있는 곳은?
A1.팬분들이 눈이 예쁘다고 말 씀해 주십니다. 장난인지 진실인지 알수는 없지만 눈속에 별이 빛나고 있다고.

Q1. (your) confident feature?
A1: Fans said my eyes are pretty. I don't know if it's a joke or the truth, but (they say) there are stars shining inside my eyes.

Q2. 사랑이란?
A2: 두사람이 저로 좋아하는 것 그것이 사랑입니다.
그냥 두사람이 좋으면 사랑. 그걸로 좋지않은가요?
불멸의 뭐라든가 그런말투도 좋아하지 않습니다
말로서는 간단합니다. 두사람이 좋아하는 것 그것이 사랑입니다

Q2. Love?
A2: For me, two person who are fond of each other is love. Just the two person who likes each other is love. Is that not right? Whatever immortal way of saying is not what I like. In words it is simple. Two person who are fond of each other is love.

Q3. 이상형의 여성은?
A3: 얌전하고 현명하며 나서지않고 나한테만 잘해주는 여성
모습은 쌍꺼플이 있다거나 없다거나 그런거나 그런거에 상관없이 봤을 때의 느낌이 "이쁘고 귀엽네" 정도로 좋다고 생각합니다.

Q3. Ideal female?
A3: A girl who is well-mannered, sensible/wise, doesn't meddle, treats me well.
Whether she has double eyelids, regardless of this or that, the moment I saw (her) I'll feel, "(she is) pretty & cute" to that extent, I think I'll like (her).

Q4. "you love her" vs "she loves you"?
A4: 내가 좋아하는 사람과 사귀고 싶습니다
내가 좋아하는 여정에게 제가 잘 해주고 싶어요
그 여성에게 행복을 느끼게 해주는 스타일입니다.

Q4. "you love her" vs "she loves you"?
A4: I want to go on a date with the person I like.
I want to treat the girl I like very well.
For that girl, giving her happy feelings is my style.

Q5. 사랑하는 사랑에게 잘 해줄 자신이 있습니까?
A5: 저는 잘 해주는 성격입니다. 보살피는것을 좋아합니다.

Q5. Do you have confidence to give love to the person you love?
A5. I have a personality that treats people well. I like to take care of her.

Q6. "운명적인 사랑" 을 믿습니까?
A6: 네 믿습니다 운명적인 사랑.
내 스타일과 맞는 여성에게 한눈에 반하는 경향이 있습니다.
그 여성의 성격이나 말씨등은 전혀 상관없이 그 여성을 본 순간 "아"하고 느껴지는 여성이 있습니다.
그래서 그렇게 느껴지는 순간을 "운명적인 만남" 이라고 생가합니다.

Q6. Do you believe in "Love by fate?"
A6: Yes I love in Love by fate.
The style that suits me is a tendency to fall in love with the woman at first sight.
no matter what, regardless of the girl's personality or Mal-ssi-deung(background?), I'll say "ah" the moment I saw her and feel for her.
Therefore, such moments I feel it's a "destined meeting", I think.

[FANCAM] Kim Hyun Joong @ Mischievous Kiss Shooting 101031

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They using 501_dg's photo ..hehe

[VIDEO] Mischievous Kiss NG Cut 6 @ Happy Time 101031

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[PHOTO] More Photos from 2010 Basic House Winter Collection

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[RANDOM] Same Backpack?? ㅋㅋㅋ

The right pic was during Boys over Flower when JiHoo visit Jandi
The left one during Playful Kiss Shooting

hehe... I never thought they will re-using the same backpack
It's more than 1 year already ...kekeke

[VIDEO] Kim Hyun Joong - MVIO Seoul Fashion Week @ OnStyle 101030

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[PHOTO] Fan Sign Session @ Myeong Dong Face Shop 101028 by 501_dg

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[FANCAM] The Face Shop Fan Sign Session 101028 by 1004KHJ

[PHOTO + VIDEO] 'The First Love Story' Photobook & DVD Cut

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