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[PHOTO] Basic House ...

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[PHOTO + VID] Kim Hyun Joong @ Cousin's Weeding 100123

Finally, we able to see the photo ^^

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too gorgeous

If you remember @ Gourmand Table...
Hyun Joog said that he's now living with his friend
and probably the friend that he refers is DBSK JaeJoong
Heard that JJ is moving out to new apartment


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[NEWS + VID] Will Hyun Joong reproduce the “찢중 (Clothes ripping 현중)”? High interest Concern

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English translation:

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This year Kim Hyun Joong of group SS501 introduced the aka “찢중” performance among fans in concert in Seoul, once again being the topic.

SS501 spread the news of their two night Asian Tour encore concert in February 27 to 28. The interest is focused on reproducing if Kim Hyun Joong will do the “찢중” performance.

Asian tour in Seoul in August last year, Kim Hyun Joong performing solo on stage was introduced on a tear of the unconventional choreography has drove an explosive reaction.

After performing, fans gave him the nickname’찢중(Clothes ripping 현중)’, the term was made result in the concert of Japan which introduced a performance to fans ’Asia tour will tear all my clothes’ he said ”I am 찢중.

Meanwhile, SS501 the first Asian tour ‘PERSONA’ encore concert will be held in the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium No. 1 (gymnastics), coming from February 27 to 28 in 2 night.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

[NEWS] SS501 Encore Concert 1st Round Ticket Sale Sold Out, Server Congestion

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5-member group SS501’s 1st round of ticket sale for Seoul encore concert was sold out right after the release.

Advance ticket purchase for SS501 Seoul Encore Concert on 27th, 28th February at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium, has about 50,000 users logging in at the same time right when the website open for ticket sale, making the server congested and showing the enthusiastic response.

SS501 representative said “Even though the server was down for awhile, it was restored promptly and sold about 15,000 tickets in the 1st round of ticket sales without any problems.”

This encore concert is the grand finale of their Asia Tour concert which started in August in Seoul, Japan, Shanghai, Taiwan, HongKong and upcoming Thailand concert on 13-Feb.

Meanwhile, SS501 Encore Concert 2nd round ticket sale will be open through interpark ticket website.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


SS501 Asia Tour Encore Concert Details

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Hello. This is DSP Media.

With everyone's enthusiastic support, the last finale of SS501's First Asia Tour will be Seoul Encore Concert and the details are confirmed as follows.

# Date :
(1) 2010.02.27 (Sat) 7pm
(2) 2010.02.28 (Sun) 5pm

# Venue : 1st Gymnasium at Olympic Park (Gymnastic Gymnasium)

# Ticket :
STANDING 99,000won
R-SEATS 99,000won
S-SEATS 66,000won
A-SEATS 33,000won
*5% discount for Triple S 2nd members.

# Company : DSP Media


# Sponsor : MyNameIs

#Advance Purchase Date : 2010.01.27 (Wed) 7PM

# Advance Purchase : Interpark Ticket

*Please contact Interpark Ticket (1544-1555) for any enquiries on ticket pre-sale.

Important Details on Advance Purchase

1. Please take note that advance ticket purchase will open on 27-Jan at 7pm through Interpark Ticket only.

2. Each person can purchase maximum of 4 tickets during ticket pre-sale. (Max. 4 tickets in total)

3. To avoid congestion on the concert day, the pre-sale tickets will be mailed out, we seek for your understanding.
- Ticket Mailing Date : 09-Feb (*For ticket purchases till 8-Feb)

4. It is impossible to reissue tickets, in situations that your ticket is lost, there will be no way to enter the concert, hope you can keep your tickets safely.

5. For cash transfers for advance purchase, you must make the payment before 16:59:59hrs on the day after your purchase in order to complete the purchase procedure.
Please bear in mind that in cases that the money is not received in the stipulated time, your advance purchase would be automatically cancelled.
*Please take note that the time of transaction for transfer of money differs from each bank, please check prior to purchase.

6. For Triple S 2nd member discount, please confirm your name and membership card number before discount is entitled.
If you write the membership card in the card number portion, or in regards to card number enquiries, please enquire through (T. 2205-3006).
Please also take note that the 5% discount for Triple S 2nd members only entitles to the member and 1 accompanying person.

7. After advance ticket purchase, if you re-sell your own tickets to someone else, or received a transferred ticket, the company and organizer will not be responsible for any cases resulting from this.
In addition, you may be reject entry if your tickets are purchased through such means, so to avoid this from happening, we hope that customers can pay extra attention on this.

8. For advance ticket purchase enquiries, please contact Interpark Ticket customer center at 1544-1555.
Operating hours : Monday to Saturday 9am~8pm / Sunday & Public Holidays 9am~6pm
* If it is difficult to get though the phone enquiry, please send your enquiries to the URL below

9. Group ticketing is only available for A-SEATING, a minimum of 50 tickets per concert is required to apply for group ticketing.
We only accept enquiries and request on group ticketing through email. (
Please send the email with title [´Ü°ü¹®ÀÇ], [´Ü°ü½Åû].

Important Notice on Entry to Concert

1. The entrance start time for this concert is 2 hours prior to concert start time.
In order to start the concert on time, please help to enter to the concert venue at least 10mins prior to concert start time.
Once the concert starts, we will refuse entry.

2. Video and audio recordings at the concert are prohibited.
If you are found to be recording at the concert, the data in tape/film/memory card, etc, will be deleted and you will be asked to leave.

3. R, S, A SEATING are assigned seats, please be seated at the seats that you have selected during the advance purchase.
After entry to the concert venue, you cannot sit on other seats that are not assigned to you, you must watch the concert at your assigned seat.

4. Please refrain from using LED placards, placards, firecrackers and other types of supporting props as it may obstruct the view of other people. The above mentioned supporting props will be confiscated upon entry to the concert venue.

5. We hope that you can use public transportation in order to ease the traffic congestion.

6. This concert will be cancelled if any natural disasters were to occur.

7. Company and Organizer will not be responsible for any chaos and accidents caused by failure to comply to the above notices.
We hope for your active cooperation to create a cultured concert-watching experience.

Thank you.

Important Notice For Standing Audience

1. This concert has both standing and seated section.
There is no assigned seating for standing tickets, please choose the area A,B,C,D during your advance purchase and the chosen number will be the entrance number, after entering into the concert venue, you will be able to watch the concert in the area that you had chosen.
*Please note that it is not the seat number.

2. Entrance to concert venue will start 2 hours prior to concert start time, you must definitely queue up at the area that you had purchased according to your ticket number. After entry, the ticket numbers would be voided, so please be there before the specified entrance time to avoid any inconvenience.

3. For the convenience of standing audiences, we will provide free depository for their personal belongings.
For standing audiences, we would be grateful if you can deposit your bags and other personal belongings prior to entrance to venue.
* Company and Organizer will not be responsible for any damage or loss at the depository.

4. For your own safety during entrance, please refrain from running.

5. Wrist bands of different colors for different standing areas will be distributed, please wear these wrist bands.
This is a method to differentiate the area, and it is impossible to move over to other area.

Persona Encore Poster ...

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong - Basic House @ Korea

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Hyun Joong wears the same outfit during interview ...