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SS501 Comeback on Music bank 30.10.2009 + DL

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[MV] SS501 - Love Like This

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SS501 @ KJE Chocolate 28.10.2009

Kim Hyun Joong
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- Heo Young Seng -

- Kim Kyu Jong -

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kim Hyun Joong @ Global Fair & Festival Incheon

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i love it ^^

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Kim Hyun Joong was a rock star

[News] Kim HyunJoong revealed footage of his youth band

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SS501 Kim HyunJoong youth band's footage was revealed for the 1st time.

In the MBC Every1 "The Star Secret" on 30 October, exclusive footage of Singer Kim HyunJoong's youth band during year 2003 festival celebration will be revealed.

Kim HyunJoong and his church friends form a youth band in which he was the bassist. They were invited to various competition, Rock Festival, school activities and festive celebration and was a quite famous band in Songpa-gu.

Their senior in the youth band recalled and mentioned his charming look overtook the lead singer's popularity, also, his strong music sense allowed him to follow the drum beat accurately which didn't matched with his 18 year old age. Thus, he was nickname '칼박' (pronounced as Kalbak, meaning as accurate as a knife slicing)

At the same time, guitarist of N.E.X.T band Kim Sae Hwang gave very high praise towards Kim HyunJoong's guitar performance. He mentioned that Kim HyunJoong's performance is very natural and showed confidence in his rhythmic and performance style. His feel towards instrument is very comfortable. Without doubt, Kim HyunJoong has endless potential.

In this episode, Kim HyunJoong undisclosed photographs during his schooling period and his first poster before he debut in 2005 and also during filming of 'Boys of flower'.

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Kim Hyun Joong Phone Conversation @ SBS Gold Miss

Yesterday, I posted about Hyun Joong will have a phone conversation on SBS Gold Miss, here the video cut
The noonas were really ecxited about it ...
Hyung Joong's voice *faint* ...he sang a lil bit of his song, Thank You
that the best voice i ever heard from him

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SS501 Comeback on SBS Inkigayo 25.10.09 + DL

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SS501 Comeback on Music Core 24.10.09 + DL

SS501 Comeback Stage on MBC Music Core
24 October 2009

' Love Like This'

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Hyun Joong on 'Gold Miss' Tomorrow

[News] SS501 Kim HyunJoong performing using his voice in 'Gold Miss'. Reason for singing 'Thank You' in cab is?
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SS501 Kim Hyun Joong in 'Gold Miss' telephone conversation, using his voice for sudden performance.

6 members of "Gold Miss" in the 'SBS Good Sunday' 2nd part 'Miss Gold is coming', compete with a theme of wedding singer. In the competition, each member tried to use their wedding ceremony as reason to invite singer to sing through telephone connection.

Everybody was envious when SS501 Kim HyunJoong was selected. However, when actually broadcast with him, 'Flower Boy' Yoon JiHoo became embarrass, his bashfulness made everybody laugh.

It is not easy to call Kim HyunJoong, and they found out that he was in a cab. Once Kim HyunJoong picked up the call, all the members can't control themselves and become very excited.

When being ask which 'Gold Miss' member was his favourite, his answered Shin Bong Sun. When questioned the reason, without hesitation even for a second, Kim HyunJoong answered: "Because she is very comical'. Causing everybody to laugh.

After that HyunYoung requested him to sing the congratulatory wedding song, he immediately agreed. After singing the congratulatory song through telephone, Kim HyunJoong continued by singing his own song 'Thank You', but suddenly end it quickly.

All the members were surprised and questioned him, Kim HyunJoong said: "The cab driver is looking'.

The program will be broadcast on 7pm, 25 October.

SS501 On SBS 'Strong Heart'

yay ~~~ can't wait ...
I wonder what story they will spill out on this program
esp Leader ...after we heard so many story that surprised us

Credit : K Bites

All 5 members of SS501 to appear on SBS ‘Strong Heart’

Coming back with their new minialbum ‘Rebirth’, all 5 members of SS501 will appear on SBS variety talk show ‘Strong Heart’.

Coming 5th November, they will be participating for the filming of the variety program in SBS GongGae Hall.

The meaning to this filming session is special because all 5 members will be on the show together, while all this while it has been hard to see all 5 members together on one variety show.

A staff to ‘Strong Heart’ revealed recently, “SS501 will appear on the show as full team. Please look forward to new stories revealed as all members appear on the show.”

Meanwhile, SS501 will be promoting their comeback title song ‘Love Like This’.

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Park Jung Min @ Park Choon Moo Fashion Show

20 October 2009
Seoul Fashion Week Summer/Spring 2010
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Monday, October 19, 2009

SS501 to Release Mini-album in Korea

Credit : KBS Global

The five-member boy band SS501, which has been holding its first Asia tour entitled "Persona" since its debut in 2005, will release a mini-album in Korea late this month. Entitled "Rebirth," it's the first album to feature all five members in a year and seven months.

After performing in Korea and Japan in August, SS501 finally visited Taiwan to perform at the Taipei Arena. Kim Hyun-joong, who came down with swine flu in September during his stay in Japan, said his swine flu symptoms included a fever of over 39.5℃, diarrhea six to seven times a day, and coughs 4-5 times a minute.

Kim said, "It's like the worst degree of a cold. The most difficult part was being isolated. It's a very lonesome disease." He added that he was scared to see other swine flu patients who were hospitalized on the same floor with him dying of the disease. "I believed that I would recover," said the singer.

Following the chat about his swine flu experience, Kim went on to discuss the group's popularity in Taiwan. SS501 received a very warm welcome from its Taiwanese fans. The group held its first fan meeting in Taiwan in June, but it is SS501's first concert in that country. Five albums from SS501 that were released in Taiwan in July sold more than 100,000 copies in just three months, earning SS501 the White Gold Disc from the Taiwanese album distributor.

Taiwanese dailies covered SS501's arrival to Taiwan. One of them wrote that some 600 fans welcomed the group at the airport and were concerned to see Kim Hyun-joong looking emaciated after falling ill. The daily also added that SS501 was welcomed by 1,500 fans back in June when it visited the country for a fan meeting.

As was expected, SS501's concert in Taiwan was sold out. The group members said, "We rented a rehearsal room on the day of our arrival and rehearsed till midnight. The next day we held a news conference and rehearsed again from 3PM till midnight. We wanted to make everything perfect because the stage was different from Korea and Japan."

The repertoire of SS501's Asia tour concerts includes songs from its new mini-album. Its jacket features the name Steven Lee, who wrote all the songs. He is a Korean-American producer who also wrote for the popular German group US5 and top Japanese groups KAT-TUN and Arashi. The renowned music engineer Ken Lewis, who also worked with Usher and John Legend, took care of mixing, why choreographer AJ, who used to choreograph for Michael Jackson and Usher, created SS501's new dances.

Kim said, "Our new songs including the title song 'Love Like This' are pop-style numbers. We had many discussions with Steven Lee to come up with pop songs that appeal to the Korean public. This album is very special to us because it reflects our opinions. We wanted to create our own unique style while the K-pop scene was dominated by 'hook songs.' Rather than following trends, we wanted to set new trends."

Due to a number of problems, the album release was postponed by two months. The song that the group received from a music dealer to be used as a title song was found to have already been released overseas. To make things worse, the dealer turned out to have no right to sell the song and just wanted to reap profits.

Kim said, "The song that we heard on a plane on our way from Japan was identical to the song that we were to release soon. We notified our agency and realized that we had been duped by the dealer. Had we released that song, we would have been accused of plagiarism."

The new album contains five songs. The lyrics of one of them were written personally by the members for their fans. Kim Hyun-joong wrote the lyrics for the song "Obsess." The special edition of the album sold more than 30,000 copies on the day of its release; 20,000 additional copies are to be released soon in 10 countries.

The five members finally got together after being active solo for a long time. Kim Hyun-joong appeared in the TV drama "Boys Over Flowers," Park Jung-min acted in the musical "Grease," and Heo Young-saeng, Kim Hyung-joon and Kim Kyu-jong were active with the hit song "U R Man." This time, all five are determined to stay together for as long as possible.

SS501 will perform in Shanghai in November before it flies to Hong Kong in December and visits Thailand and Malaysia in January. In February, the group will perform in Singapore and Beijing.

"We realize that the U.S. music market is hard to succeed in. We want to lay a springboard in Asia before we advance into the Middle East, Africa and the U.S.," said the SS501 members.