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[PHOTO] Kim Hyun Joong down the street

Lucky fan saw Hyun Joong in front of her house while heading to work


Friday, July 30, 2010


Source: KHJ JP site
Japanese Translation: miyo

Participating in 24 Hour Television

Photo Credit: Elley @ Daum

Kim Hyun Joong agrees to the purpose of Nippon Television
and has agree to participate in it.
Information below is on the broadcast of a preview special program, please do watch it.

Broadcast Station: Nippon Television Network

Prerecorded Program:
Date/Time: 1st August 2010 (Sunday) 16:25~17:25
Program: 24 Hour Television33 Highlights of the year

Actual Broadcast:
Love Saves The Earth
28th August 18:30 ~ 29th August 20:54

※Different broadcasting region might have the broadcast at a different time and date. Please check with your local station.

[NEWS] SS501 - Solo yet Together!

Credit: Sports Donga
English Translation : Ode

Following behind Kim Hyun Joong who signed on to a full contract with a Bae Yong Jun's agency Keyeast in mid-June after contract with former agency ended, it has been revealed that popular idol group SS501's member Park JungMin will also be signing on to a new agency company as well. Whilst on the other hand, 'SS301' will be carrying out their singer activities after the last 2008. SS301 (pronounced Double S sam-gong-il) is a unit group consisting of Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyung Jun.

SS501's personnel expressed that Park JungMin who's been having a huge interest over acting will be managing himself this time round, and has been searching for a new agency company. While Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Jun will wish to carry out singer activities together rather than doing solo activities, and is currently searching for new agency company.

SS301 which consists of Kim Kyu Jong, Heo Young Saeng and Kim Hyung Jun are the recruitment targets that top agency companies are looking for in the current music FA industry scene. They have been receiving invitations from many agency companies here and there who are offering them huge contract fees, but despite so, 3 of them are hoping to move into a company whom they could trust and rely on fully, rather than the money that they are concerned about. A personnel of the members revealed, "Although the contract fees is of course an important element we consider, the members are wishing for a company whom they could trust fully/without qualms, and where they would be able to maximize the best of their abilities".

Since SS501 members are collaborating with and moving into various different agency companies, it seems like carrying out activities together as SS501 will be challenging for the time being. However there isn't much of a displease amongst members, all of them still want SS501 to be existent, and so it seems like the team will not break up fully (fully? that shouldnt even exist!).
Especially where SS501 has such high popularity in Taiwan, the possibility of them standing together on foreign stages again for promo purposes could not be ruled out, too.

On the other hand, SS501 who is quoting the '1+1+3' activity formula is similar to that of original ancestor H.O.T after they disbanded. -H.O.T information omitted

[VIDEO] Kim Hyun-joong(김현중) signs contract with Bae Yong-joon's Agency [ShowBiz Extra]

Credit: Arirang World @ YT

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SS501 'Saitama Special Concert DVD'





-DVD2枚組(DISC1:約70分 DISC2:約90分) / 日本語字幕
-購入者特典: 1. 生写真6枚 (メンバー各1枚、団体1枚)

2. その他(内容未定)
-予約者特典: SS501オリジナルポスター


Price: 5775 Yen ( Tax inclusive)

Release Date: 17 September 2010

■ Specifications
- 2 DVD (DISC1: 70 minutes DISC2: 90 minutes) / Japanese Subtitles
- Photobook ( 24 Pages)

- Special Gift for Purchase:
1. Bromide 6 Photos ( 1 each members, 1 Group )

- Special Gift for Pre order
2. SS501 Original Poster

DATV 'Just The Way He Is' nominated in SkyPerfect TV Award 2010

Kim Hyun Joong - DATV ' Just the way he is'
nominated in SkyPerfect TV Award 2010
This TV show nominated in Hanryu TV show



Date: 10 November 2010 (Wednesday)
Venue: JCB Hall ( Tokyo)
Voting Period: 1 Aug - 31 Oct

[NEWS] Kim Hyun Joong upcoming activities @ Japan

English Translation: Ode

'Little Yonsama' Kim Hyun Joong will be starting his official Japan activities in Bae Yong Joon's footsteps.

He will be carrying out promotional events for drama 'Boys over Flowers' for the first time after his recruitment into new agency Keyeast. Promotional events will be on the 18 August at Osaka Grand Cube and 21 August at Tokyo International Forum, with 2 sessions held for each event, and so a total of 4 sessions will be held.

SS501 who has had visited Japan just 4 months ago for the Saitama Concert at Super Arena, and the 'Boys over Flowers' premium event that was held 9 months ago, Kim Hyun Joong will soon be visiting Japan again, but this time -- for his personal work schedule.

Kim Hyun Joong who newly moved into Bae Yong Jun's agency company Keyeast just last month had been receiving hot attention for his affirmed potential in rising to a Hanryu star. However analyses about Kim Hyun Joong's popularity already surpassing that of Song Seung Heon and So Ji Sub's surfaces itself as well.

Keyeast personnel expressed, "Though it's true that Bae Yong Jun's fanbase has had expanded to Kim Hyun Joong too, we don't know how wide the scale is. That's why this time's Japan journey will be an important gauge for us for his future promotion activities."

Keyeast's affiliated company, Japan cable channel DATV broadcasted Episode 1 of 'Kim Hyun Joong's Everything' special programme on 27 July, this programme will be scheduled for series broadcast, and this is targeted to boost Hyun Joong's hanryu popularity further.

In addition, Hyun Joong will be making a visit to 'Boys over Flowers' Shizuoka prefecture shooting site along with fans on August 19-20 during his journey in Japan next month. And of course not forgetting 2 sessions of his fanmeeting on October 11 at Tokyo's JCB Hall in commemoration of his 1st Japanese DVD and Photobook 'The 1st Love Story' release.

On the other hand, Kim Hyun Joong has begun his emittance behind Bae Yong Joon where he's been recently selected to be the new ambassador for cosmetic brand The Face Shop.

Credit: MetroSeoul

김현중 ‘욘사마 후계’ 첫발
‘꽃남’ 프로모션 등 본격 日 활동…CF도 바통터치

‘리틀 욘사마’ 김현중이 배용준의 후광을 업고 본격적인 일본 활동을 시작한다.

그는 다음달 18일 오사카 그랑큐브와 21일 도쿄 국제포럼에서 각각 2회씩 총 4회에 걸쳐 열리는 드라마 ‘꽃보다 남자’ 프로모션으로 소속사 이전 후 일본 프로모션의 첫발을 내딛는다.

4월 SS501 아시아투어의 일환인 사이타마 수퍼아레나 공연을 위해 일본을 방문한 지 4개월 만이고, 개인 일정으로는 지난해 9월 ‘꽃보다 남자’ 프리미엄 이벤트 이후 11개월 만이다.

지난달 배용준이 대주주로 있는 키이스트에 새롭게 둥지를 틀며 ‘욘사마 급’ 한류스타로의 성장 가능성을 처음으로 확인하는 자리라 더욱 관심이 쏠린다. 일부에서는 김현중이 일본 내에서 이미 송승헌이나 소지섭의 인기를 넘어섰다는 분석이 나오고 있다.

키이스트 측은 “배용준의 팬층이 김현중 쪽으로 넓혀지고 있는 분위기가 조금씩 감지되고는 있지만 어느 정도인지는 우리도 정확히 파악하지 못하고 있다”며 “그래서 이번 일본행이 향후 프로모션을 진행하는 데 중요한 기준점이 될 것”이라고 밝혔다.

키이스트의 자회사인 일본 위성채널 DATV는 ‘김현중의 모든 것’이라는 특집 프로그램을 27일 첫 방송했고, 시리즈로 방송을 이어가며 김현중의 한류몰이에 힘을 싣는다.

또 그는 이번 방문 중 19∼20일 시즈오카현에서 팬들과 ‘꽃보다 남자’의 촬영장을 방문한다. 10월 11일에는 도쿄 JCB홀에서 DVD 및 사진집 ‘더 퍼스트 러브 스토리’ 출시 기념 팬미팅을 두 차례 연다.

한편 김현중은 배용준의 뒤를 이어 화장품 브랜드 더페이스샵의 새 모델로 발탁되는 등 이들의 특별한 관계가 실체를 드러내기 시작했다.

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Baek Seung Jo Got 500 Marks in His Mock Exam ^^

Credits : miboard.miclub + ÍÃÍÃ@°Ù¶ÈÌÔšâÖ®ÎÇ°É + (English Translation) xiaochu @


(Even though this is just one small photo) Baek SeungJo's Fans!!
One student from So Myung Girls' High said this was taken secretly!
Baek SeungJo got full marks 500 marks for the mock exam at Pa Rang High School!
In the original comic, the result is given grades from 1st to the last, but in our country, we use 1, 2, 3 (not too sure how they grade in Korea) for grading~~

The production team is really detailed. Keke
Anyways, I just saw this photo ^^ he got full 500 marks for the mock exam!
Only Baek SeungJo's result is eye-catching!
That is the result graph of the whole school~
500 marks Baek SeungJo is indicated there, keke
And thereafter, there are afew students with 480 marks...450 marks, etc, that's how the graph is being plotted~

[Video + Eng Trans] Kim Hyun Joog Cut @ DATV 'Just The Way He Is'

The full version already been removed T_T
DATV really fast detect their show @ Youtube

Daum Version
Credit: kikaoo80 @
Direct Link

Credit: 3kimheopark3 @ YT

Some are translated from the Japanese subtitles and for certain parts was unable to translate as it is a bit unclear... >_<

Japanese Translation: miyo

If I do not work out, my body will feel uneasy.
Every Sunday, I play soccer.
From Monday to Saturday, I don't stop either..
I go to the gym.

Question In Japan, felt puzzled/embarassed?

There are Korean and Japanese words that have the same pronounciation but different meanings.
oh.. in Japanese I mixed up with "doryoku shimasu"(refers to work hard, putting in effort) and "nouryoku shimasu"(refers to ability)
Kept mixing it up as in Korean, working hard is pronounced as "noryoku" right? (looking to side at staff for confirmation)

Mixing up the words, when I said "noryoku shimasu"(referring to work hard), I was taken as saying having the ability instead.

At that time, due to not knowing the difference in same pronounciation, was unable to communicate naturally.

ooh... when I first came to Japan, I said to the stylist, "Please give me mokkori (necklace in korean)."
But the stylist looked at me oddly..

Comparing Japanese and Korean language, it is really interesting.

Really surprised..
(can't really hear clearly..but the host was saying something like one will feel embarassed when said mokkori)

As the expression are different...
When I said I go the health.
In return, I would be asked, "From morning?"
I would reply "Of cause to go in the morning right"

In Korean, gym is call health but Japan it is different.

I felt the difference between the culture and language.

(Background voice) Well, seems like it has been hard for him while staying Japan.
Lastly, please leave a message for the audience.

Everyone who's watching "Kim Hyun Joong~Just the way he is~",
Although the time is short but are you satisfied with it?
I'll see you next time in Japan.
I have prepared an interesting talk and cool performance
Please wait and look forward to it
Thank you.

(Background voice) After saying thank you etc after the filming, he naturally arranged the chair... (sorry can't hear clearly.. but I think she's trying to say he was nice to do that)


Sorry that it might be a bit hard to understand the differences in language...
For "Mokkori" which means necklace in Korean...
In Japanese.. it actually refers to men having a hard on (em.."standing up" u know what I mean eh?.. lol.. )
So you can imagine Hyun Joong saying that to the stylist.. XP

For the "going to health".
In Japanese, they call gym as gym.
But when one say going to health and especially in the morning..
If I remember it more of refers to one going for "special kind of massage" ...^^

[VIDEO] [Eng Sub] SS501 on E!News Star Q10 [EP 2 Updated]

Eng trans and sub by
Credit: no43park + double S for chi sub

Thanks crazynoona501 @ YT

EPISODE 1 100602







EPISODE 2 100609




[NEWS] Kim Hyun Joong vs Micky; equally matched

From: inews24
Chinese Translation: xinhm @金賢重中文網 (
English Translation: emz

Pls give credit when reposting.

'Idol opponents' SS501 Kim Hyun Joong and TVXQ Micky, from stage to theatre, will have a confrontation in self-esteem duel.

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong as the male lead in MBC's new drama 'Mischievous Kiss' (September 1 broadcast), and as an ex-member TVXQ, Micky Yoochun who, through KBS 2TV's new drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ (August 30 broadcast), becomes an actor

Because of changes in management companies and unknown status of their respective groups, both will be using TV drama as a new starting point.

Kim Hyun Joong and Micky Yoochun have been opponents in the music industry since the two belongs to SS501 and TVXQ which have been the nation's top boy bands; they have engaged in a friendly competition ever since debut.

Especially since both groups are five-members group, from the group members, to the popularity in korea and even thoughout Asia naturally become a good comparison for both.

The results of the two reappearing as actors, not singers, in a duel once again are closely watched. The commonalities between the two, both 'Mischievous Kiss' and 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' are Kim Hyun Joong's and Micky Yoochun's first time as the male leads in the dramas; both targeting at the younger audience levels; same broadcast timing which made the competition between the two more intense.

Kim Hyun Joong possibly has more room over Micky Yoonchun in terms of being an actor, because of the Korean version of "Boys Over Flowers" in which he starred as JiHoo Sunbae, displayed his full acting skills and proved his star effect. But there are some problems as Kim Hyun Joong was pointed out on his pronunciation and unnatural expression in 'Boys Over Flowers'. So how Kim Hyun Joong is going to enact a different kind of role from that of 'Boys Over Flowers' is highly anticipated. If his role in Boys Over Flowers is synonymous with gentle, then his current role is one that is disinterested in anything; boring and cold. Detailed analysis of Japan and Taiwan version of the TV series, said that whether the TV series is popular depends on how much Kim Hyun Joong is able to assimulate the role.
see how Kim Hyun Joong shoulders a heavy burden. Micky Yoochun in 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' also started off with a heavy responsibility. Although he has been acknowledged as a star in the music industry, Micky Yoochun is a rookie in the world of drama acting. As an actor, Micky Yoochun's gentle image in TVXQ will have a 180-degree change. His role, Lee Sun Joon, in the drama is a perfect guy with outstanding knowledge, financial status and looks.

TV fans of the original novel is divided into two, some were saying the choice to cast Micky Yoonchun in this drama is the best while other said the role is inconsistent. Facing his challenges as an actor for the first time, many are concerned with whether Micky Yoochun can perform up to expectation and display his acting skills to the fullest.

As opponents, previously in the music industry, now in the acting industry, Kim Hyun Joong and Micky Yoochun's new drama battle is highly anticipated.

[VIDEO] Hotsun Wine Party with Kim Hyun Joong 091209

Credits: Nippo1403 @ YT

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[NEWS] Kim Hyun Joong signed signed an exclusive contract with The Face Shop?

Kim HyunJoong becomes Bae YongJoon-standard CF Model

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Signs exclusive contract with The Face Shop

Singer cum actor Kim HyunJoong became a Bae YongJoon-standard CF model.

According to beauty cosmetic industry, Kim HyunJoong recently signed an exclusive contract with The Face Shop. The Face Shop mainly uses the cream of the crop Hallyu stars as their models. They have used big Hallyu stars such as Bae YongJoon, Kwon SangWoo, Jeon JiHyun, Go SoYoung, etc. Because of that, there is a lot of attention in the beauty cosmetic industry on Kim HyunJoong’s contract this time.

The Face Shop is a major low-mid priced cosmetic brand which recorded sales of 257.1 billion won last year, what is even more eye-catching is that their export business to Asia regions. With this contract, it is analyzed that Kim HyunJoong will confirm his position in Asia.

Because this CF contract is the first modeling/endorsement contract for Kim HyunJoong after his move to Bae YongJoon’s company Key East, it has gained attention. After it was known that Kim HyunJoong signed a 1 year exclusive contract for over 500 million won, a top-A-grade contract, all eyes and ears in the CF industry are on Kim HyunJoong. Kim HyunJoong will start his endorsement in Autumn-Winter, and will be making official announcement on his modeling/endorsement contract next month.

With Kim HyunJoong signing contract with The Face Shop, many are curious if Bae YongJoon will be his partner in the CF. Even though Bae YongJoon’s endorsement contract has ended, depending on whether if there is a re-contract, he might be appearing in the CF with Kim HyunJoong.

Kim HyunJoong is currently in the midst of filming for MBC drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’.


Kim HyunJoong, To Film CF with Same Company Bae YongJoon “There is no confirmation yet”

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

There has been news reporting that there is high possibility for singer cum actor SS501 Kim HyunJoong to film a cosmetic CF with Bae YongJoon under the same company, the management company explains “there is no confirmation yet.”

Management company Key East’s representative told Newsen through a telephone conversation on 27-Jul with regards to the news reports saying Kim HyunJoong recently signed an endorsement contract with cosmetic brand The Face Shop, they said “It is true that we have received proposal (for contract) but no decision was made.”

The representative added “Some said that Bae YongJoon will be appearing for the CF with him, but this is definitely not confirmed for now.”

The representative explains that since Kim HyunJoong moved to the same management company as Bae YongJoon, and that The Face Shop has used Hallyu Stars such as Kwon SangWoo, Jeon JiHyun, Bae YongJoon as their CF models, there is keen interest on the development.

Meanwhile, Kim HyunJoong has started filming for MBC new drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’ on 24-Jul with Jung SoMin in a residential area in Sungbok-dong, Seoul.

[VIDEO] SS501 - Persona Concert Rehearsal Scenes


Persona Concert Rehearsal from SS501 Persona Concert 'Making of Story'

Seoul & Shanghai

Taipei & Bangkok

[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong @ Mischievous Kiss Filming Site 100725 by Hyuniversal0606


Monday, July 26, 2010

[PHOTO] HQ Version 'Mischievous Kiss' Drama from MBC Website

Credit: MBC

[VIDEO] Kim Hyun Joong vs TOP - Luxury Idol @ OnStyle

Credit: Onstyle

[NEWS] Kim HyunJoong, Jung SoMin ‘Mischievous Kiss’ First Filming Photos Released

Credits : Nate + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Photos of the first filming for MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday mini series ‘Mischievous Kiss’ by Kim HyunJoong and Jung SoMin have been released.

According to production team Group Eight, Kim HyunJoong acts as Baek SeungJo and Jung SoMin acts as Oh HaNi in ‘Mischievous Kiss’, started their very first filming on 24-Jul at a residential area in SungBok-dong, Seoul. In this filming, scenes of both of them bickering while on their way to school are being recorded. Group Eight released this set of photos to the public on 26-Jul.

Group Eight said “Kim HyunJoong and Jung SoMin who have worked together in practicing with their scripts earlier on, when they got into the filming site, the staffs applause to congratulate both of them for the commencement of the real filming. Kim HyunJoong and Jung SoMin responded with bright smiles.”

In addition, they added “That day’s filming is about SeungJo and HaNi, who started to cohabit by chance, was squabbling on their way to school. We also captured SeungJo’s cold unfriendly looks where he told her to pretend that they don’t know each other in school, and HaNi’s sullen looks when she grumbles about SeungJo, this is also known as the start of their sweet romance in the future.”

Kim HyunJoong expressed his determination about this drama with the start of the filming.

Kim HyunJoong said “Today is the first filming, upon hearing the cue sign from the director, then only did I have the actual feeling that the filming has really started.” He also emphasized “Today I have been reborn again, not as Boys Over Flower’s Yoon JiHoo but as Mischievous Kiss’s Baek SeungJo, with the excitement and sense of responsibility, I will make this the best drama.”

Jung SoMin revealed “I am someone who looks into the eyes of others when I am talking, the Director always looked into my eyes and gave me guidance, I can really feel his focus towards the actors/actress. Instead of perfect acting skills since I am still a rookie, I will show a non-stereotyped and innocent side of me.”

‘Mischievous Kiss’ will start broadcast on 9-Sep.

A sneak peek of Kim Hyun Joong’s Playful Kiss

Credit: Allkpop

I’m sure many of you guys just can’t wait till the drama series of Playful Kiss airs. Well, to raise the hype even more about this upcoming drama, Group Eight has offered a sneak peek of the Playful Kiss filming with filming stills.

The released stills were of Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min.

According to the production Group Eight, Kim Hyun Joong (who will be playing Baek Seung Jo) and Jung So Min (Oh Hani) held their first filming on the 24th at a residential area in SungBokDong, Seoul.

They were acting in a scene where they are bickering at one another on their way to school. These photos have been revealed to the public on the 26th.

Group Eight also revealed:

“When it came time for these two to commence filming, the staff erupted into applause and congratulated them on their first official filming”

“Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min responded with warm and bright smiles”

Group Eight continued:

“Shortly after Seung Jo and Hani started living together, we captured scenes of them two bickering at each other while on their way to school”

“Seung Jo holds a cold appearance and reminds Hani to pretend as if she doesn’t know him while at school. On the other hand, Hani is grumbling and complaining towards Seung Jo. This is just the start of their upcoming sweet romance”

Upon starting filming activities, Kim Hyun Joong shared his determination:

“The first filming started today, and upon hearing the cue sign from the director, I then realized that the filming has officially started”

“Aside from Boy’s Over Flower’s Yoon Ji Hoo, I have been reborn as Playful Kiss’ Baek Seung Jo. I will try my best to make this the best drama”

Jung So Min also shared:

“The director always watches over and leads me well, and I’ve begun to realize that he concentrates a lot on the actors and actresses”

“Instead of showcasing perfect acting since I’m only a rookie, I will try to display my natural and pure sides”

The drama will debut on September 1st through MBC.

[PHOTO] Kim Hyun Joong & Jung So Min @ Mischievous Kiss Shooting 100726

All these photos are from Hyun Joong's first shooting 24/7/2010

Credit: Various site - Nate, The Star

[PHOTO] Kim Hyung Joong @ Mischievous Kiss Shooting 100725 by Hyuniversal0606

Thanks Mel for sharing this photos ...

I think this the best photo since the filming

You can go HERE to read Fan account from Mel's friends @ Seoul

Credit: Pluto @ Hyuniversal0606

[3Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong @ SoMyung Girls High School - Mischievous Kiss Shooting 100725

Source :

Youtube Version
Credit: Lovetop7 @ YT



Sorry embedded is not allowed >.<;


Credit: miclub


[NEWS] Kim HyunJoong, Monopolise Japan Sales Chart with no. 1, 2, 4

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Kim HyunJoong monopolized the sales chart in Japan with position 1, 2 and 4.

According to Brokore, a website with Korean artistes stuffs in Japan, Kim HyunJoong made it to the number 1, 2 and 4 of the sales chart with KBS 2TV drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Event, Photobook, etc. Tickets for ‘Reunion’ event for the ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Japanese fans was put on sale on 9-Jul and 16-Jul, and was sold out, thus gained the 1st place of the sales chart. In addition, Kim HyunJoong’s photobook ‘Ready, Action!’ which he has taken in Spain and Premium DVD & photobook ‘The First Love Story’ which will be filmed in Bali and Japan made it to the 2nd and 4th place respectively.

Kim HyunJoong has been casted as the leading actor for MBC drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’ and will be immersed in the filming. He will be attending ‘Boys Over Flowers’ event ‘Reunion’ held in Japan Osaka and Tokyo on 18th and 21st respectively.

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Spoilers from Somyong Girls' High School Student 100724

Chinese Translation by 兔兔@百度淘气之吻吧 (BAIDU PLAYFUL KISS THREAD)
English Trans: emz /


[★celebration★ Somyong Girls' High School filming site; the victorious Class 6!]

Hee hee hee hee Hello everybody, my dears, now I totally excited!
Now I am laughing because of the Naughty Kiss! Yes, that is the Naughty Kiss we all know!
the Naughty Kiss starring Kim Hyun Joong, ha ha ha ha ha
where Naughty Kiss' filming is exactly in our school, and it is in our class! ! ! ! ! ! !
This is the honour of Somyong Girls' High School! let the passion explodes! ! ! !

Somyong Girls' High School; the main building used by year 1,2 classes is separated from the building used by the third year. the above photograph shows the building used by the third year students which is where Naughty Kiss will be filmed. Hey, nice? Ha ha

Also, look! ! This is central entrance hall which is already furnished with filming equipment.
Look rich, right? We do not know our school is so rich, hehe
moved in a few days before
today is the Photo taking (emphasis, he he) ^ ^ (name) came into the photo. Fear of not taking a good photo, would pretend not putting mind into it but actually its taken seriously. and Oh
when the children knew the vending machine is real, they put some money into it, but the money was swallowed, ha ha.

Prior to the inspection of these items is as such ...
It was mentioned that besides Kim Hyun Joong, it could sleep another 38 people.
By the way, it seems like the tables that were originally here have been moved away while filming ... not very clear ~

Hyun Joong join a society? ? ? ? this is actually the entrance to the filming site. Like a comic society ~
The original room is actually the arts room. Now cant even go in but from the students who clean the arts room, it is very beautifully decorated inside now ...
See the poster yet? (transliteration) the name of the school sounds like big wave high school ~~~

Here is the class where Kim Hyun Joong will be filming! ! !
Ha ha ha, enthusiastic outbreak ah! ! ! Ha ha ha! ! !

This is not, "Kim Hyun Joong pls enter", but something to welcome Hyun Joong!

Anyway, this has what Class 6 has become! Ha ha ha
the No.1 class as in the Original school (the concept is so, Oh, Kim Hyun Joong's class is the school's No.1, the girls class is the school's last, Ha ha ha, thats what is mentioned in the manga ~)
Said to have seven similar classrooms upstairs, said that this move is to facilitate photographic equipment to our class ~
after-school ceremony ended today, the sch President and ministers suddenly came and class six wins! now the children are highly enthusiatic, Ha ha ha

If Hyun Joong sits in my seat, ooo, I will, ha ha ha! !
The student who sits in front said because Hyun Joong is the No.1 in the whole school, he will be sitting in his seat
Some students sitting by the window heard the words will appear (in the play, seemingly so ~) So said they will be sitting there, Ha ha ha
heard that the girls' class is the class 1? ? But the students from class 1 is very quiet? ? is it the girls' class? Ha ha

Anyway, hope that the filming crew will enjoy the filming in our school! Ha ha
Somyong's landscape is very beautiful, but now, although its summer, there are no flowers, not many insects also hehe, which is not bad too, hehe
heard that shoots will be taken of the road towards the school on the 22th, but said that it is not in our school, but Sinsa dong?

The way to our school is very beautiful, Ha ha! Anyway, hope that the "Naughty Kiss" will become popular! Ha ha
In that case, my blog will also be popular ... ...
Until the end of the entrance examination, if "naughty kiss" continues filming, I would film down those in my school; those not from the school i will also put it up, haha.

[PHOTO] 100725 Kim Hyun Joong @ SoMyung Girls High School - Mischievous Kiss Shooting

2nd Day shooting @ SoMyung Girls High School

will upload extra pic that related to the shooting ^^
I think I saw KHJ on his bag ??