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[NEWS] SS501 Kim HyunJoong, Asia Recognized Hallyu Star!...Star Awards in HongKong, Taiwan, Japan, etc

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

SS501 leader Kim HyunJoong has gained recognition as Hallyu star throughout Southeast Asia.

In ‘2009 Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards’ held on 14-Dec in HongKong, he received his solo awards such as Asia Best Male Star award, Taiwan Netizen Choice Best Korean Star award, Korea Netizen Choice Best Male Star award, etc. Recently, he attended a variety show by Japan Fuji TV to be broadcasted as a New Year’s Special.

Out of the well-known Hallyu Stars in Japan, Kim HyunJoong is the only one who got invited by Fuji TV. Japan programs usually invites their own local artistes so it is exceptional that they invited an artiste from another country, i.e Kim HyunJoong. This also shows that Kim HyunJoong’s popularity in Japan is significant.

Not only that, in a recent survey done by Japan’s Hallyu Magazine shows Kim HyunJoong getting first place in drama actor and Hallyu star of next generation sections. Defeating stars who entered into the Japan scene earlier than Kim HyunJoong, such as Lee ByungHun, Ryu ShiWon, Kim Bum, Lee MinHo, etc. making the victory even more meaningful.

Kim HyunJoong’s popularity continues to spread to other Asia countries. He received invitations from Asia countries such as China, HongKong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, etc, furthermore ‘Boys Over Flowers’ had been exported to over 10 Asia countries, leading the Hallyu wave. In the new year, SS501 will visit Thailand as part of their Asia Tour stop in January.

Even though Kim HyunJoong acted in romantic scenes with his unique sensitive acting which captured many females’ heart, he displays powerful masculine attractiveness and quintessence metro-sexual in SS501 performances.

Kim HyunJoong also generated the first syndrome this year in Korea with ‘Boys Over Flowers’, receiving the name of ‘Nation’s Sunbae’ and recognition rises rapidly, constantly involved in various fashion shows, dinner shows as well as large-scale and small-scale events.

As the new Asia’s Hallyu leader, there is a lot of attention on Kim HyunJoong to suppress Yon-sama.

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[NEWS] Kim Hyun Joong is Mosr Searched Person in 2009

[NEWS] SS501 Leader Kim Hyunjoong is Most Searched Person in 2009!
Credit: Marinastory

Article 1

We will start from his charm? What is SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong’s charm in your opinion?

With his recent broadcasting activities and variety shows due to his group SS501 recent released album REBIRTH promotion , Kim Hyunjoong is definitely loved by many fans as this multi-entertainer is known for his perfect smile!

Fans said, “Among his many charms , I think Kim Hyunjoong’s smile is the best.” It is also said that this SS501 leader is even getting the nickname ‘Kim Hyunjoong Perfect Smile‘.

Fans who we gave him ‘Kim Hyunjoong Perfect Smile‘ nickname Oh GyeongAh expressed her opinion,”In Kim Hyunjoong’s FanCafe, his smile is also a topic. His smile is giving us comfort and shows his charm the most.” she said.

Recently, Kim Hyunjoong is also chosen as no.1 Top CF Model for male category proven his charm in the advertising industry.

Related to that, an official says,"Kim Hyunjoong is receiving various Advertising love calls. He is known by both advertisers and consumers because of his popularity, elegant manners and appearance. Plus, his luxurious smile will easily convince the public (read: Advertiser Target market).”

Recently, Kim Hyunjoong is also appointed as the new male model for casual brand “Basic House” together with famous actress Yoon EunHye.

Basic House, “Kim Hyunjoong fashion sense is excellent. Having him as our model will appeal our wide target market”.

In addition, Kim Hyunjoong recently won 3 awards in 2009 Yahoo Asia Buzz Award.

Source : 매일경제 스타투데이 조은영 기자 helloey@mk

Article 2

Yahoo Korea released its 2009 Best Top 10 List. Two of the Top 10 List Category are the “2009 Top Hot Star” which goes to SS501 Kim Hyunjoong. And his group SS501 is getting the 3rd place in this category.

Another category is “2009 Most Searched Person” in which leader Hyunjoong is also notching the 1st place for this category.

Complete Winner list below!

“2009 Top Hot Star"

1. Kim Hyunjoong
3. SS501
4. SuJu
6. Lee Minho
8. Big Bang
9. Lee SeungKi
10. Gu Hyesun
“2009 Most Searched Person”

1. Kim Hyunjoong
2. Lee Minho
3. Kim Yuna
4. Lee SeungKi
5. No MuHyeon
7. Michael Jackson
8. 2PM
9. Son Dambi
10. Kim DaeJung

Source : Yahoo Korea

[Fan account] SS501 ~ 2nd Christmas Show - Q&A Session

Credit: JapanTS blog + (Chinese Translation) 妃茵 + (English Translation)
Please repost with full credit

MC: Would you wear something that you girl friend give to you during Christmas?

(All of them selected 'X', except for Young Saeng 'O')

Young Saeng: Wearing the same T-shirt as my girl friend, then we will look like a pair of cute lovers!

Hyun Joong: No, I will be shy. Wearing the tie or ring from girl friend is alright. But to wear couple T-shirt type of things, I will feel shy.

MC: So like wearing ring and accessories is alright?

Hyun Joong: Yes, no problem.

MC: What about other members, would you wear accessories given by your girl friend?

(All of them selected 'O')

MC: Last question. Where do you wish to bring your girl friend on Christmas?

Kyu Jong: If in Japan, Disneyland. If in Korea, Jeonju, that's my hometown, the rice is very delicious.

MC: Ok, next will be Hyung Joon, you smile for very long right.

Hyung Joon: For me, should be also Disneyland.

MC: Disneyland is really wonderful!

Jung Min: We heard about this just now ah~

Hyung Joon: Actually even if don't go out also alright. Staying at home to decorate for Christmas, making Christmas feast together and then savour it together and have quality private time between two of us.

MC: Then, Young Saeng wish to bring your girl friend to?

Young Saeng: Should be skiing.

MC: Young Saeng know how to ski?

Hyung Joon: Completely NO~

Jung Min: (Shouting) Too much. The way Maknae say is too much

Young Saeng: Although don't very know how to ski, but because is dating, so wanted to have create a love story type of scenerio together with my girl friend.

Jung Min: Then isn't it better to go to both ski & Disneyland (Following that he started to laugh hysterically, don't know why he is laughing XD)

MC: Then, what about you leader?

Hyun Joong: I wish to go to pension (sort of like a retreat resort)

MC: Ryokan?

Hyun Joong: Em~ Bring girl friend to ryokan, and make dishes together.... (Thinking...)

MC: After making dishes?

Hyun Joong: Then eat together...

Jung Min: and also fishing~ [ ekeke ... JM is the best ... ]

Hyun Joong: Oh..... and also fishing

(In between there a sentence can't hear clearly, Jung Min even help Hyun Joong to translate into Japanese XD)

MC: So going to ryokan together with girl friend, for around 2-3 days?

Hyun Joong: Will spend the time together with girl friend for 2 days 1 night, and sent her back on the next day.

Hyun Joong: I will send her back home.

MC: 2 person together?

Hyun Joong: Em~

MC: Even her parents live in Kyoto

Hyun Joong: Em~

MC: Even though it is out of the city (Tokyo is at Kanto area which Kyoto is at Kansai area)

Hyun Joong: Em~

MC: Ok, lastly~

Jung Min: I must make a good report!

MC: (Smile) Ok

Jung Min: I wish to go for oversea tour

MC: Oversea tour? Aren't you always flying oversea recently? Where do you want to go?

Jung Min: Although has wanted to go to Japan, but wish to go to more warm and not so cold countries and spend the Christmas together with my girl friend.

MC: Ok. The above is the places which SS501 wishes to date. Actually, can you made it this year? Dating!

Kyu Jong: Can't

MC: All of you also can't?

Hyun Joong: I can. [ Hyun Joong-ahh .... you're so confident :P ..hope you can make it ]

MC: You can make it?

Hyun Joong: Should be able. (All the Japan fans started to shout~) [ you should ..... ]

Hyun Joong: Ah~ Ah~ but it is a pity I can't, must wait until in future.

MC: No matter what, once of these day you definitely can go with your girl friend to places you wanted to go! Currently SS501 is very busy so it is impossible.

BTS Stories @ Strong Heart

'Strong Heart' Behind the Scene Stories'
by violet / liezle's blog

Story #1 ~ Sweet and Thoughtful Hyun Joong
hyunjoong gave snacks to fans.
when break time came, hyunjoong, jungmin and maknae were eating snacks.
suddenly hyunjoong came to us and gave their snacks.
they were walnut breads.
thank you leader!!

Story #2 ~ Kind Jung Min
kind jungmin
jungmin drunk water too much.
so he went to the toilet very often.
one time, he brought a blanket and gave it to Yang Mira who was a guest and wore a mini skirt when he came back from the toilet.

Story #3 ~ Attacked by the Feathers
hyunjoong suddenly ran out of the studio.
strong heart is a kind of battle talk show.
if one lose, he has to be attacked by feathers.
hyunjoong lose to maknae.
when feathers were blown to leader's face,
a feather seemed to have gone to his nose..
he seemed to have suffocated [?] and suddenly ran out of the studio.
recording was stopped for a while.
he lose three times during the recording.

Story #4 ~ Adorable Hyun Joong
all staffs love hyunjoong.
a chief producer gave staffs instructions not to edit hyunjoong's stories.
one of the writers got his autograph during the break time.
there were three monitors in the studio.
hyunjoong appeared almost all the time on one of them.
camera operator must have loved him too.^^

Story #5 ~ Almost My Chance ^_^
hyunjoong and i were alone in the hallway.
i met him in the hallway.
there were no fans.
he and i were alone. kk
i want to tell him thank you.
but he was talking with a staff.
i just looked and passed by him.

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[Photo] SS501 2nd Christmas Show 091219



[News] 2009 Hottest Search keyword

[News] 2009 Hottest Search keyword revealed. 'Kim Hyun Joong' and 'Queen Seon Duk' on list

Credit: + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit. Do not hotlink graphic.

According to South Korean Media reported, a search portal released the most popular search keyword in 2009. MBC Drama 'Queen Seon Duk', popular idol group SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong and others, are listed in the 2009 South Korea's most popular search keywords list.

According to the the search portal's statistics, among the 2009 hottest Top 10 search keywords, majority are drama names, other than the No.1 search word, 'lottery', most other keywords are 'Queen Seon Duk', 'Wife's Temptation', 'Boys Over Flowers' and other drama names.

As for the person's name search rankings, SS501 Kim Hyun Joong is ranked No.1, and Lee Min Ho who acted in 'Boys Over Flowers' together with Kim Hyun Joong is ranked No. 2. Other than that Korean Figure Skater Kim Yuna, Korean Singer Lee Seung Gi, Former President Roh Moo Hyun who committed suicide and others also entered into the top 10.

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[News] Most Marketable CF Models of 2009

Kim Hyun Joong & Kim Yuna are the most marketable CF models of 2009
Credit: Allkpop

SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong and figure skater Kim Yuna have been voted as the most marketable CF models for 2009. On December 21st, marketing website ADwaple released the results for a poll that ran from November 30 to December 13th, which asked 10,000+ people to rate the most marketable CF models of the year.

Kim Hyun Joong took the top spot among the male celebrities, beating out Lee Minho and Lee Seung Gi and garnering 27.1% of the votes. Kim Yuna was the big winner in the female category with 34% of the votes, placing SNSD and Lee Hyori in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

In the idol group category however, SNSD managed to take the top spot.


[News] Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Yuna is voted by netizen as 2009 Best CF Models
Credit: + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit. Do not hotlink graphic.

Professional advertisement portal ADwaple website held a survey on the Most popular CF model in all setor for 2009, the survey started on 30 November and ends at 13 December. A total of 10,000 over Korea netizen has participated in the survey.

For the Male & Femela Most popular CF model survey result, under the male category, Kim Hyun Joong who actively promoting cosmetic, costume and fried chicken CF, won with a support of 27.1% and was selected as the Best CF model, Lee Min Ho, who created the 'Boys over Flowers' whirlwind's was ranked No.2 (19.9%), followed by Lee Sheung Ki (19.6%). For the female group, Kim Yuna won with 34%, SNSD 33%, Lee Hyori 9.3%.

Other than this, under the 'What type of CF should be filmed by Most Popular Artist" category', handphone advertisement won 1st with 67.2%, cometic and fried chicken advertisement has ratings of 38.8% and 27.9% respecively.

Last Persona Concert @ Bangkok ...

Persona Concert @ Bangkok will be the last persona before
the encore @ Korea [ end of February ]
I'm quite piss off right now :(
KECEWA !!!!!!!!!!!!!


12/20 [info] Change of Date for PERSONA in BKK

Credit: xiaochu @ Quainte501

Dear SS501 overseas fans

Do Concert Co.,Ltd would like to announce SS501 1st Asia Tour PERSONA in Bangkok will take place on Saturday 13 February, 2010 at Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani 19.00 hrs. (Gate open 18.00 hrs.) because of timing for production arrangement and Thailand will be the last country of this concert tour before ENCORE PERSONA Tour concert in Korea at the end of February

Do Concert Co.,Ltd. would like to apologize to all fans for this postponement so we prepare many special souvenirs for this concert such as poster, ticket envelop and other items which designed for concert in Thailand only. All fans can receive all items on February 13,2010 at the concert venue .

For fans who cannot go to concert on February 13,2010 able to contact Do Concert Co.,Ltd. ( or (66)8-6320-2579 or contact Total Reservation ( to refund ticket

For other fans can contact Total Reservation all branches to change new ticket since December 22,2010 onwards.

Look forward to receive your supports

Sincerely Yours,
Do Concert Co.,Ltd.

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SS501 Kim HyunJoong will endorse “Basic House” for 2010!


SS501 Kim HyunJoong is selected as the new male model for casual brand “Basic House” replacing actor Hyunbin for their 2010 Campaign together with current female model Yoon EunHye.

More details under the cut!
SS501 leader Kim HyunJoong is chosen as the new exclusive male model for casual brand “Basic House”.

Basic House representative, “SS501 Leader/actor Kim HyunJoong is being selected as our new model. Kim HyunJoong will be active as the new male model along with our female model Yoon EunHye for the next 1 year, do look forward to it.”

Basic House,” Kim HyunJoong has the quality to be a fashion model and he’s popular among all ages so he will definitely appeal to our large consumers market. “

In addition, Kim HyunJoong and Yoon EunHye Basic House pictorial is set to be released in early 2010.

* Source : 천경진 idsoft3@reviewstar

* Translated by : marinastory

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POV ....

Some of POV that caught my attention after
Hyun Joong dated a celecbrity for 5 months"
revealed ^_^
I just love their POV, so I just paste & copy here for sake of my memory :P


Nonie @ JB Thread Soompi

Sorry if this has already pointed but I just want to share my own POV here... I'm tired of being silent after a years... I'm a silent readers started from the page was just in 10 pages and up to now... I think I should at least say thank you to everyone who always come up with something beautiful and it's candy for a person like me. THANK YOU to all (Sorry can't specified who but it should goes to everyone in here biggrin.gif )

So... Kim Hyun Joong finally blowed it out. Without hesitate he admitted that he dated a famous celebrity for five month. And he could not understand why people don't know about it...

Maybe because I'm so Joongboers so this might sound bias to those who not.

This is what I think...

First, when he says he's been dating a celebrity for 5 month and being opened about it. All I can see is that he is referring that to Hwang Bo. Why? the reason is simple... once you're celebrity there is nothing you can hide... just look at the HK incident... (well for some people it was sensitives) but he can't hide from anything, with his good looking face there is no where people don't know aboout the dating things he's been talking about. Besides Hwang Bo is a famous celebrity. (Come on even Tiger Woods caught by paparazzi....) So to say something like that as a celebrity he is for sure talking about something that everyone know and have been accepted it.

Second, he also stated it that he don't get it why people don't know about it. Why people don't know about it is because people only thought that whatever happened between him and Hwang Bo in WGM is not real, it's just a reality show that people take as a show. But for Kim Hyun Joong, he always take it as real... the way he threat Hwang Bo in WGM is real he is being himself all the time and he is not lying about it.

Third, Jung Min said something about... maybe it's only from your point of view that it was dating but not from the other person of point of view... doesn't it sound like Jung Min know who that celebrity he's talking about...

I don't even know who Kim Hyun Joong is in real life but thinking at his point of view he's been truth all the time. WGM is a reality show, Kim Hyun Joong has always been Kim Hyun Joong while standing there besides Hwang Bo. He always say I am 99% real in WGM and that's mean no matter what people think WGM is for him it real. He is indeed dating Hwang Bo for 5 month.

"Believe what you want to believe and be happy with what you believe"


jaejoongie <3>

the broadcast for joongbo was 5/11~ 10/5
That makes about 5 months!

it was funny when hyunjoong was questioned where he first met "her" (the girlfriend)
and a guest questioned "busan?" everyone was snickering in the back ^^;;

he said "I like fishing, so we went fishing" (they did that)
seungi asked if they went driving together hyunjoong said "yes"
he even said they went garak market (I duno what this is.)
"We had seafood together too" which they did biggrin.gif

jungmin joked "are you sure she knew that you guys were in a relationship?" (meaning, she could have thought they weren't dating just having a good time out together like friends. in hwangbo's case coworkers smile.gif )
hyunjoong had to think for a moment and questioned himself if it was true or not. That's not like him, even if he was trying to be funny... i don't think he's one to make jokes like that.

he answered saying "now that I think about it..."

kang ho dong asked "what did you like best about her?"
he answered "she was cool and easy going."
which was how he always described hwangbo ever since the beginning.

he also answered that she is a celeb that is currently active.
hwangbo just released her new collab song for charity compassion. she hasn't retired yet either.

near the beginning hyunjoong was also stating that he dated her out in the open. which he did, on national television ^0^;;;

I'm just stating the facts. It's up to you to believe what you want to believe.

the only sad part was when danny asked "you don't have a girlfriend now. But you did have one before"
and hyunjoong said "yes" :<>


Chakura @ JB Thread Soompi

This is my take on it

1. Dated openly for 5 months and HJ was surprise no one caught one
-I think its HB because considering the HK incident it be very VERY hard for HJ to OPENLY date and not get caught!
I mean look in the past when some stars dated via cars and still got caught.
The duration of WGM as many pointed out was for 5months and boardcasted to everyone.
Make sense when HJ states he was surprise no one caught on.

2. Jungmin's "you sure BOTH of you guys know it was dating?"
-HJ had to think about that. Since he stated before that what happend on WGM was himself (and we've seen how he acted on BOF) we seen how he acted towards HB.
ie. Their werid "japan date" which he mentioned many times through out then; his jealousy moments; HB clothing chocies and wanting to break the TV; not wanting his bandmates there during the WG/SS501 get together.
Never mind that HJ wanted HB to show HIM AND ONLY HIM her ageyo! because back in the past HB stated that she can only do ageyo in front of her man on a variety show which HJ was a part of!
It all sounds like acts a guy would do for his gf.
At the time HJ prolly did treat it as dating while HB just saw it as coworkers/friends type of relationship

3. JM and HJB were not surprise about HJ admission
-JM's Get hot dance; imiating HB's ageyo

4. They did do all the activities on WGM that HJ stated
-Fishing - which they did w/ Alshin and again at the farm
-Driving - the 1st day they met, going to the farm, when HJ was playing manager, and in the farewell eps
-Seafood -when he was Manager HJ he got sasahimi for HB

5. "cool and easy going"
-He said many times how cool HB is esp when she pops upon the bottle cap and she is easy going "like a friend" aka how he wants a girl who is like a friend /easygoing and chill

6. Famous and Active
-Well HB is known not that well know ie Hyori status level but still recognized and she is active ie variety shows, compassion, radio

7. They are not together anymore
-well WGM has ENDED and technically they are not together anymore. I mean they rarely if any are on the same stage together.
Also why would they even be together when HJ thinks that at the time they were dating but HB prolly didn't see it that way.
I think that is what he meant when he said that they are no longer together.

I do NOT think they were actually dating...well at least not in HB's mind BUT I think HJ is interested and is trying to pursue a relationship. Do you guys understand what I am saying?
I think HJ saw it as a relation ship when they were on WGM but HB didn't. When WGM ended so did the realtionship. I think ALL these signs are dropping form HJ becuase I think he wants to show HB that he does wanna be with her and it was NOT a side effect of being on the show. That is why most of the bombs ie 99% of them are being dropped from HJ. I do not think HB is all that aganist it either cause SHE doesn't end it ie never CLEARLY addressing any q's regarding WGM and HJ. That explain all the teasing w/ HB from her IG ie teasing that HJ is all <3>

I believe that there IS something btwn the two,

I believe that HJ was talking about HB

I believe that HJ is pursuing HB!

and most of all

I believe they will get together!


Sorry for the long post!!


sharry @ JB Thread Soompi

i havent spoken here in a long time but after watching the HJ Ex-Girlfriend thing in hd for like 20 times the lady behind HJ definetly murmured BO when she was talking to baby about it. and they murmured a name with 2 syllables. when they are talking about starts in korea they usually use their family name AND their name wich consist of 2 syllables most of the the time , so unless it was another artist with Bo or an english name (that ends with bo really doubt it) it HAS to be her, Otherwise the ONLY person whom he could date at a certain time freely was probably her. if pplo saw them ion the streets , someone could think they were filming WGM.

Sorry but had to spazz


chimeraspunk @ KHJ Thread Soompi

HI ALL! Havent been here for a longggg time.

Thought id share with you guys some hidden revelations from the strong heart video that i spotted!

1. HJB and JM knew. You can tell its obvious cos they didnt even look a TINY BIT shocked. Then when the girl in black claimed that she knew who the girl was and the duo discussed it with her, JM turned shook his palm - gesturing to HJ that she got the wrong person!

2. I don't know whether many fans are new or have gotten to know leader since long ago, but honestly to know who the girl in question is isnt rocket science!! If you've been following him long enough, you would have inkling who she is. He gave out many hints.

And I believe that the reason why other celebs won't so persistent to find out who she is, is cos they kinda knew and didnt wanna cause her trouble. You can tell from the faces of the celebs there - some of them. e.g. KHD - he had this semi-worried face on. And he discussed the issue seriously. Usually he's like a bulldozer when it came to such mysteries.

You may choose to disagree. Thought I would just put out these to give you guys more options to choose and decide what to believe. Im not imposing my opinion on anyone, just sharing mine!

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Hyun Joongism ???

[News] Everybody have fallen into 'Hyun Joongism'

Credit: + (Chinese translation) + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit.Do not hotlink or re-edit graphic

Our national senior, 'Senior Ji Hoo' , Kim Hyun Joong has successfully transform into Rainism bad-boy and brought a surprise to all.

On 16 Afternoon, Kim Hyun Joong appeared at the 'Fresh DK Party'. 450 fans participated in this activity. Kim Hyun Joong do not disappointed all and brought a wonderful performance.

Other than bringing his solo song "Please, be good to me", continued with his power dance, he put in extra effort in the encore song.

Because DK has requested Kim Hyun Joong to prepare more dance song to bring up the atmosphere. During the interview, he mentioned: "As I have only this solo dance song, therefore after serious consideration, and felt that I must give my fans a Christmas gift, so I have put in extra effort to practice the next performance, but because recently I am too busy, so if the performance is not so good, please forgive me! Seeing that I have put in a lot of passion and heart in this, please continue to support my performance." His modest confession immediately won thunderous applause.

Finally, the song that Hyun Joong brought to everybody was actually his senior, Rain's famous song 'Rainism'. This rhythmic and hot beat song completely show the males sexy body gestures and made the fans totally immersed into Hyun Joong's 'Hyun Joongism'.

Especially when Kim Hyun Joong was performing, his face always showed his usual cute and sweet smile, but his hands and body movement maintain the sexy dance movement and move according to the upbeat music. This had won cheers and applauses from his fans.

During that day, other than the 450 fans from local and oversea who were fortunate to see his performance on stage. Media from Japan, Taiwan and other Asia countries also arrivied after hearing about this. The activity went through smoothly. The entire program included Kim Hyun Joong's performance, charity auctions and other programs. The entire event lasted around 1.5 hour. The whole atmosphere of the activity allowed everybody present experienced the amazing charm of our national senior 'Senior Ji Hoo' in Asia market.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dated with Celebrity for 5 Months??

[News] Kim Hyun Joong: "I have once dated with an artist for 5 months"
Credit: MYdaily + (Chinese translation)妃茵@TSTW + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit. Do not hotlink graphic.

Kim Hyun Joong's board
"Cinema, Fishing, Garak Fish Market openly dating with girl friend"

SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong shockingly revealed the truth of his date with an artist.

On the 15 Dec SBS TV "Strong Heart', GOD member Danny predicted Kim Hyun Joong: "Currently you don't look like having a lover." Kim Hyun Joong replied: "You are right."

Kim Hyun Joong also admitted the truth that he once had a girl friend. "Because it was over, then I can talked about it. The other party was a known artist, we were together for 5 months."

Towards the new generation idol singer, Kim Hyun Joong's dating style, SES's Shoo brought out the past dating method of idols as a comparison. Shoo said: "In the past, when idols date, during the rehearsal of same program, they would try to catch each others eye sight for a longer time to express their feelings, and also doing small little gesture. Shoo even stated that the best distance to stand between each other during rehearsal is within half a meter." Danny also added: "During rehearsal and getting into position, can also lightly touched each others hands to express your feelings." 2 seniors supplied the idol stars important steps for dating.

Following that, always spoke frankly, Kim Hyun Joong revealed: "I would bring my girl friend to watch movie, and also because I like to fish, I will ask her to companian me to go fishing, or also went for a drive, etc. Also would choose to go to the favourite dating location "Garak fish market" to eat sashimi with my girl friend." His confession caused a lot of attention among to invited guest.

Towards Kim Hyun Joong shocking confession, SS501 Kim Hyung Joon and Park Jung Min shockily revealed: "We totally don't know that he was dating together with an artist." Yang Eun Ji who was sitting behind the guest seat said: "I think I knew about it." Once she mentioned that, all the audiences wanted to know who the 'main actress' was. Finally Kim Hyun Joong gave a tips: "She is currently active".

During the 'Strong Heart' Christmas special, the invited guest are Kim Hyun Joong, CULTWO, SNSD Tae Young and others showed their good eloquence.


Kim Hyun Joong on dating a famous girl and seeing ghosts

Credit: Allkpop

On the December 15th episode of SBS Kang Shim Jang / Strong Heart, SS501's Kim Hyun Joong stated that he dated an unnamed female celebrity for 5 months. He was pressed on by Danny Ahn and reluctantly admitted it. He stated that during their relationship he went out to eat sushi with her and also went fishing. Fellow SS501 member Park Jung Min said, "I've never knew this before? By chance, were you dating a ghost?" The ghost part is relevant because later on the show, Kim Hyun Joong confessed that he has seen ghosts!

Hyun Joong revealed, "I've been disturbed because I constantly see and hear ghosts. ... It's a true story that happened in SS501's dorm. One day I heard a unfamiliar voice."

Ever since Hyun Joong heard the voices, he revealed that things that are unexplainable constantly happened. He then gave the cast goosebumps as he commented, "On one night, I saw a thing that I shouldn't have seen."

Furthermore, it was revealed that Hyung Joong showed an unexpected behavior because of his sudden scare. I wonder why he's seeing these things, did he eat a little too many egg tarts? It's ok though, you have the Asia Buzz Award Trophies to protect you at night. Remember to visit the Quainte 501 Forums.


Kim Hyun Joong, “I’ve dated a female celebrity for 5 months before”
Credit: K-Bites

SS501 Kim HyunJoong reveals that he had once gone out with a famous female celebrity.

He was on SBS ‘Strong Heart’ aired on 15th December when he revealed, “I have once been in association with a female celebrity for a period of 5 months.” He had revealed that after being ‘attacked’ by Danny Ahn with the question when SES Shoo was talking about ‘Idols’ Love Secrets’.

Danny Ahn said to Kim HyunJoong, “Even though you don’t have a girlfriend now, you have past dating experiences (with female celebrity)” and Kim HyunJoong gave many a shock by saying coolly, “That’s right”.

He added, “In the past, I have dated once. Because I don’t like dating and hiding it, we have dated openly in public places so we didn’t get to date for long.” with that the other celebrities on the show asked how long it was and he answered, “5 months”.

Kim HyunJoong said, “For that 5 months, we went to watch movies at big theatres, I like fishing and we went fishing, we even went to the market together to eat sashimi together.”

Fellow member Park JungMin said, “I don’t know about this at all. Were you by any chance dating with a ghost?”

Meanwhile, Kim HyunJoong also talked about incident when he has seen a ghost in the group’s dorm.



[News + Video] Kim Hyun Joong's hot date story became hot topic among netizen

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SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong revealed his hot date story and caused a shock to many,

Kim Hyun Joong hinted that the girl was a popular female artist and caused big curiosity among the audiences.

As the invited guest of SBS 'Strong Heart' Kim Hyun Joong said: "Currently do not have girl friend, but before this I ever go out with a female artist."

He also said: "She is a star who is currently active in the entertainment circle." increased even more netizens' curiosity.

Openly shared about his happiness in open date, he even mentioned that he dated for 5 months. His SS501 members were not even aware of this. This has added on more attention.

In the internet discussion room, different names of female artist continued to pop up as the canditate for the mystery female artist.

"Unbelievable", "I like Kim Hyun Joong frankness" and other different comments were shown, There are even comments like "The girl who was able to date with Kim Hyun Joong make you envy", "After a day of information gathering but there are still no results, make my netizen search team very disappointed." and other interesting comments.

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[2009.12.15] Yonhap news report - Kim Hyun Joong dating news became hot topic among netizen

Sunday, December 13, 2009