Saturday, July 17, 2010

[PHOTO] Kim Hyun Joong's Brother - Kim Young Joong .... ???

I am so bored tonight
I want to post something about Mischievous Kiss
but I'm too lazy tonight ... hehehe
Saw this again @ my friend FB... just want to repost this pic

If I'm not mistaken his name is KIM YOUNG JOONG
He studied at America before ....
One year older than Hyun Joong

They look similar right??

Credit: Izat Sham @ FB

Exactly like Hyun Joong
same smile ^___^
But I bet if Hyun Joong smiles like this...
it will be awkward for me ... ekeke


  1. i see the brother of oppa heheheheh.. i was really shocked gomawo..but i was happy...

  2. can I meet kim hyun joong in my life time?

  3. I guess u're my beautiful scar!!!!!!