Monday, December 20, 2010

[NOTICE] The Return of Kim Hyun Joong 20.12.2010

Translated into Chinese: 雪舞天涯 @ HYUNBAR 金贤重吧新闻组
Translated into English: emz

Kim Hyun Joong has returned back to Korea on 17 Dec.

His purpose in coming to Japan this time round was to participate in the DATV Smile Project "Message! to Asia", which he also sang the theme song in japanese and felt touched standing on the stage of Tokyo Dome for the very first time.

During the time he was in Japan, Kim Hyun Joong accepted around 15 media interviews, love the lights of Tokyo, went with working staff to exercise and have dinner, living fruitfully.

Appreciates the enthusiatic support from everyone.

Only 10 days left for this year, pls prepare well to welcome the arrival of christmas.

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