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[NEWS] Kim HyunJoong guest appearance in Drama 'Dream High' ( 8 Dec 2010 )

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Kim HyunJoong made guest appearance in drama 'Dream High', showing up at filming site together with Bae YongJun.

In order to support his agency KeyEast's drama 'Dream High' production, he has specially made guest appearance. During the filming on 7th at Incheon Airport, Kim HyunJoong showed up together with Bae YongJun. Kim HyunJoong acted as a top star who came back after completed his oversea activity, and chance to met Kirin Art School director Bae YongJun at the airport. Kim HyunJoong who used to have good taste in fashion, appearing in black long overcoat and leather shoe, fashionable and charming, showing the exceptional taste of a top star.

Also, on that day of filming, this was the first time Kim HyunJoong appearing together with Bae YongJun after joining his agency KeyEast, having a very significant meaning. Both of them who are busy and having difficulties even to see each other, but Kim HyunJoong specially acted in the drama which Bae YongJun produced, using his good acting winning the cheers from the staff on site. Bae YongJun had also watched Kim HyunJoong's acting very seriously, and given him a lot of suggestion.

Both of them who owned many fans in local and oversea appearing at airport filming drama, also because the production team was worried that too many fans rushing to the airport might cause accident, they had kept the filming strictly confidential. However, a lot of fans were still waiting at the entrance of the airport starting from midnight after getting known of the information, almost causing the filming to delay.

Regarding the guest performance this time, Kim HyunJoong revealed: 'The storyline about the process of becoming a star is very interesting, the story revolving around dance, song, passion and dream is something to keep you in anticipation, I will definitely become 'Dream High''s loyal audience. What kind of sparkle will the new and old generation hallyu star Kim HyunJoong and Bae YongJun's encounter will create? It will be revealed in the 1st episode of 'Dream High' which will be first debut on 31 January 2011.

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