Wednesday, February 9, 2011

[PHOTO] Kim Hyun Joong played football tonight? 1110208

WHERE HAVE YOU GONE, 현중아~~~ ? ^^

Someone RT this photo
and it's look like he's playing football tonight :)
Not sure it's taken from tonight or not
but i guess it's from tonight ..ermm
will confirm it later :)

Confirm this photo was taken on 110208
There's a tag at the left bottom of the photo ^^
Can you spot which one is Kim Hyun Joong? ... hehe


제2회(?) 화승FC 패배인증촬영 RT로만 가져가주시길 간절히 부탁드립니다. PS 얘들아 미안 카메라가 너무 정직해서.. PS2 찬조출연 : 시아준수님, 김현중님, 서경종님 외 연예인축구단


  1. He is definitely the second guy seated from the left...^^

  2. In Elfybarbie's twitpic a comment is missing. If indeed KHJ is in the pic, she didn't mention it..

  3. hello ..TQ for leaving comments here ^^

    Yes... the one wearing beanie & small face
    and the posing ...kekeke

    Elfybabrbie wrote hyun joong's name in her tweet
    yuo can go here

  4. So sorry, moleqre for doubting your post. I realized later that in every twitpic there is a tweet...My connection was just so slow and found it hard to sleep after seeing your post...

  5. hi moleqre, you are really good in digging and you also found the original source.^^

  6. Wuri KHJ is a chameleon or should I say he has a chameleon-like face? He can really look different in different settings, hairstyles etc and in this one, well, he looks like his BFF, JJ. At first I really thought that he was either JJ, or a foreigner but after watching the short vid of this, there's no doubt it was him. In the vid you could see from his walk and mannerisms that it is indeed our beloved 4-D prince!!! Thanks, moleqre, for brightening our day!

  7. Hello Anon ...
    hope you will leave a name after this :)

    It's OK .. me too at first doubt is that really him ..keke
    he's look different in that pics ..keke

    Where is JaeJoong? Everyone say his part of this team...
    but where is he? ..LOL

    Actually.. I have seen JJ played football before ...
    but ...owhhh i don;t want to comment ..keke

    Really hope he will joins this time for the next match
    so that I don't doubt him anymore :P