Tuesday, February 22, 2011

[ENG TRANS] Kim Hyun Joong - Magazine Scan - i-Weekly No.693 10 Feb 2011 Issue

Source:Kelemama @ 501wanja.multiply.com
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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Matching Lover?

Kim HyunJoong

Relationship status: Single. In a status which will not inform you even in a relationship or married

Previous lovers: Secondary school first lover, unknown Korean artist

Who is suitable: She who is from Mars

Known by Korean media as a boy who out of the norm and own a mind of mars.

Converse and behave in a leaping way, having a unique type of logic, he has his own little planet, you must adjust your frequency yourself.

Don't like to be bounded by anything, even when sleeping also don't like to wear clothes; love to mix with his buddies, might accidentally neglect you; believe in love in first sight, once fall in love in the other party because of one greeting.

Love easy going, girl who has cool character, don't know how to get along with person who are too prudent.

When having a relationship with him, due to his idol status, he will not announce to the entire world, but he will bring you to fish, eat sashimi, watch movie, and drive around.

Too dull relationship will make him bored, be an alien together with him, once in a while fake broke off with him then go back to him again, alternative method will maintain the freshness of the relationship.

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