Monday, January 24, 2011

[PHOTO] Kim Hyun Joong Rehearsal Deja Vu @ Dream Concert 2008

Found this photo set of Kim Hyun Joong performed 'Song Calling For You' 
Taken during Music Bank GoodBye Stage on 06.06.2008

opsss wrong ...keke
Photo set from Dream Concert Rehearsal ..
on the same day Music Bank GoodBye Stage ^^

Check this video below:
Music Bank GoodBye Stage
Same outfit right?
but different type of microphone :P



  1. The dancers at the back are wearing different clothes although SS501 maybe wearing the same clothes...The red thing on tied on Leader's is gone too. This may not exactly be on the same day...

  2. I mean maybe they went to the rehearsal after Music Bank performance.
    All of them were wearing the same outfit.
    plus more the date of this photo released is on 06.06.2008
    same date of music bank goodbye stage
    I hope I'm not wrong ^^
    will try to get more info

    Thanks for leaving comment here, Anon ^^

  3. music bank's aegyo stage date that year was Leadre's exact birthday if i remember correctly..