Wednesday, January 26, 2011

[NOTICE] Information about {Playful Kiss} Taiwan promotions 2011.01.14

This notice has been released on 14 January 2011
but no one noticed this ^^;;;

Notice about PK Taiwan Promotions that had been canceled last year
Finally, they speak up about this cancelation

Information about Taiwan promotions
KEYEAST     2011.01.14

Greetings everyone.

This is Keyeast.

Welcome the new year, 2011.

We wish you a Happy New Year!

We'd like to say some information about Taiwan promotions that was supposed to start the end of 2010.

Last November, Some of the media said that Mr. Kim Hyun Joong would visit to Taiwan for promotion.
At that time, Keyeast and drama production were talking over the promotion.

After the closing of the drama, Mr. Kim Hyun Joong had a lot of schedules. That's why we were under discussion with the production about Mr. Kim Hyun Joong's schedules.

The Taiwan media said that Mr.Kim's visiting to Taiwan is confirmed. In addition, Some goods and events were sold related his visiting for promotion.

We're very sorry about that unexpected news and even goods and events for sale led you to confusion.

After this incident, Keyeast will take a strong measure with news and event for sale from an unconfirmed source.

We will do our best not to give you other confusions.

Please don't forget we only notify every Mr.Kim Hyun Joong's official schedules on ""

We are really appreciative of your support and love.

Thank you.

Sincerely Yours


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