Sunday, May 1, 2011

[PHOTO] Kim Hyun Joong @ Coupang Marathon Charity Event by 알리아 110501


  1. Bless his warm heart, Hyun Joong is always hot for charity, still as good looking as always.

    Thanks for all these wonderful photos, Moleqre!

  2. Moleqre,I have been listening to some of the songs on your blog.

    In particular, I love Hyun Joong's 'Power of Smile". It's such a beautiful song...great music and meaningful lyrics - phonetically so pleasing. Hyun Joong sings it so well giving the song a haunting quality. His beautiful voice here is very relaxed and he sounds really in his element. Fantastic singer and song... weaving magic!
    Incidentally, I am also listening to another great number... HwangBo's 'I'm Still Pretty'...I'm sure she is...and sounding beautiful.

    Thanks Moleqre, Great song choices!

  3. Welcome, Pengfoo ^^

    Me too~~ love 'Power of smile' hehe

    incidentally?? hahaha
    Hwangbo 'I'm still pretty' is one of my fav song
    nice & beautiful song.

    I have yet update my playlist song.
    my playlist is so out-dated!!!!!!
    will update soon.
    I have visitors that like to come to my blog just want to listen the playlist ..hehe

    I will update my blog soon.
    please anticipate!!! ^^
    Today, Hyun Joong is so stylish @ airport..
    can't wait to update soon